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  1. Joey

    Johannes Huebl

    Well, I guess his name is Johannes Huebl and he is from Germany...but he lives in New York...
  2. Don't know if it is the right thread, but I hope someone could help me...who is this model?
  3. Joey

    Wentworth Miller

    Sex on legs Nothing more to say...so glad Prison Break is on tv over here now!!
  4. Joey

    Missy Peregrym

    Can't wait to see Heroes over here in Germany!! Want to see Missy of course^^
  5. Joey

    Rachel Specter

    Never seen her before...she's gorgeous!
  6. Joey

    Jensen Ackles Vs. Jared Padalecki

    I voted for Jensen, he is so damn hot! and a fantastic actor!
  7. Joey

    Most beautiful eyes

    definetely Peter McGuire...most stumbling blue eyes
  8. Joey


    I do like Supernatural as well, great thing with sexy guys *LOL* Can't wait to see season 2...we're kinda slow over here with good us-series... :yuckky:
  9. Joey

    The Best CSI

    I like all of them First I didn't like CSI Miami, but know I think all of the CSI's are great tv-shows!
  10. Joey


    I love that pic, it is amazing...
  11. Joey

    Celebs Lookalike!

    Missy Peregrym and Alessandra Ambrosio...what do you think?
  12. Joey

    Laetitia Casta

    These pics are really amazing...
  13. Joey

    Hey there...

    thanks guess i like it here!!
  14. Just a short hello from Germany Found this forum while I was looking for Laetitia Casta pix...