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Noughties Fashion Styles


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Now that we're in a new decade (The Teenies) :clap:

...i've decided to make a thread to talk about the fashion styles between 2000 - 2009

to give you an opportunity to look back to see

what trends you liked

what trends inspired your look

what trends you didnt like


(add pictures and links if you want)


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Oversized Bags :heart:


Headbands :whistle:



Lowriders :yuckky:


Statement T-Shirts <_<


SCARVES! (even when its hot :x especially those kids that wear hollister and abercrombie alot <_< )


and guys wearing skinny jeans...god i hated that so much :yuckky: :x EWW


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I can relate to the large pants .. large shirts and I love to watch guys run with the untied shoes too.. now that is hilarious.

I will make one comment though.. leggings really only looks good if someone has the legs for it... not to be mean but have you seen some of the Walmart customer pictures? Really some body shapes and sizes should not wear tight clothes. And I give permission to men with nice buns to wear what ever tight jeans their heart desires to show that off.. hehehe

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