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Shané van der Westhuizen


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Some of the other SASI girls had topics, so I figured I'd make hers. Hope she doesn't have one already :heart:


Age: 20

Place of birth: Durban

What do you do for fun? I love spending time with friends and family and my gorgeous kitten "Pixie". I enjoy reading and painting... A patron of the arts! I definitely enjoy partying with my friends and being in nature

What would you be if you weren't a model? An artist/fashion designer

Your funniest SI 2009 moment? Chasing a goat down the beach before my shoot and my crazy roommate was always entertaining

Who is your favourite sports team and why? The Springbok rugby team, viva South Africa! They have been a great team through the years, and they are always fun to watch!

How were you discovered? Through a friend (Justin Cleaver) in Durban when I was 15

What was your reaction to being in SI? I was over the moon!!! It's such a privilege and honour to be considered for something so phenomenal. Sports Illustrated is a fantastic opportunity for any model who wants to further her career!

How much attention do you pay to nutrition and exercise, or is it all natural? I have got good genes, thanks mum and dad, but exercise and nutrition is a huge part of life, for anyone, not just models! It is so important to have a healthy balanced life, it makes you feel and look good!

What makes you feel sexy? Beautiful attire, and the way a man looks at you when you walk through a room...

Tell us something nobody knows about you: I have an obsession with goji berries

Who have people said you look like? Scarlett Johansson

post-11622-1261639039_thumb.jpg post-11622-1261639053_thumb.jpg post-11622-1261639068_thumb.jpg

post-11622-1261639080_thumb.jpg post-11622-1261639092_thumb.jpg post-11622-1261639103_thumb.jpg


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