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Valeria Mazza

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Valeria Mazza

From Argentina

She and Tyra Banks shared the cover of Sports Illustrated. She also became a guess girl and posed in pictures with Laetitia Casta.

The reason why I really love Valeria is because she cares deeply about children. She has said herself that yes every girl wants to be a model and starves themselves but modelling is not so important. Valeria volunteers and works with disabled children, during and after her modelling career. She also donates alot of money from her country of Argentina.

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This is an old bio of Valeria from Eonline.com

Valeria Mazza is a business, and its CEO is ruthless. That's how this 25-year-old views her career. After a family friend put her in a hometown fashion show in 1986, Mazza knew she'd found her lifelong dream. She was 13.

Born: February 17, 1972, in Sario, Santa Fe, Argentina

Height: 5'10"

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Blue

Resides: Parana, Argentina; Punteste Beach, Uruguay

Trivia: Speaks Spanish, French and English

At 16, the tan, blond tomboy was officially discovered--while modeling a family friend's clothing line--by an Argentine stylist. Her parents allowed her to travel to a photo shoot in Buenos Aires, and by 1990, the country had fallen in love with Mazza.

So had Alejandro Gravier, a prominent Buenos Aires businessman Mazza met at a fundraiser. She was skeptical about dating a man more than 10 years her senior, but he was persistent. Seven years later, he manages her career, and they are engaged.

In 1992, the rest of the world was introduced to Argentina's gem. She modeled Gianni Versace's spring collection--her first major runway show. That October, she made the cover of Cosmopolitan.

By the following season, the world's top designers--including Ralph Lauren, Valentino, Giorgio Armani, Donna Karan, Max Mara and Versace--were bidding for Mazza's strong form. In 1995, she hit supermodel status when she contracted with Guess? for a series of sexy black-and-white ads.

MTV hired her to host House of Style for their Latin American channel, with Cindy Crawford as her U.S. counterpart. Ratings went through the roof.

The avid runner and sports enthusiast set another record last year, when she and Tyra Banks graced the cover of Sports Illustrated's hugely popular swimsuit issue.

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