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Chris Oprysk


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With his high cheekbones and sculpted body, Chris Oprysk is the epitome of the GUESS? man. When he walked through the doors for the GUESS? model casting, everyone involved knew the search was over.

Before modeling, Chris worked as a mover for a number of high profile clients. On one job, Chris even found himself moving furniture for First Lady Hillary Clinton and President Bill Clinton. As a mover, Chris would repeatedly ignore suggestions that he become a model. Then, one night in a New York dance club, an agent approached him. "The rest is history," he says. Now, Chris spends his days running around New York City on castings or jetting off to exotic locations for a photo shoot.

The GUESS? Fall 2000 advertising campaign brought Chris to Costanoa, a beautiful stretch of land between San Francisco and Santa Cruz, California. "The 5 a.m. wake up call was a bit tough," Chris said, "but after some coffee I was ready to go. It was a beautiful location and the people were fantastic. We all became good friends."

Standing 6'1", this brown haired, brown eyed, Bronx native spends his downtime hanging out with friends, tidying up his apartment, and keeping his car squeaky clean. His interests are varied - he considers working out at the gym his favorite hobby, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory his favorite movie. When heflips on the stereo, it's usually hip-hop or rap that blares out of the speakers. Chris lists Big Pun,

Jay-Notorious BIG, and The Lox among his favorite artists.

Chris' advice for all aspiring models? "Go for it and don't give up. Somebody somewhere will like your look!"

A Modellaunch Article on Chris


His Agency - New York Models

height: 6'0" suit: 40 waist: 32 inseam: 33 shoe: 10

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