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Famous People's Natural Hair Colors

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I've been dying to ask these questions. Finally, I just decide to do it. These are 4 of many famous girls' hair colors that I've got confused about. I hope you guys can help.

Angela Lindvall - This beautiful and mesmerizing All-American supermodel. I've always thought her as a redhead if not brunette (brown) but I've learned that she's a blonde. Doesn't seem to blonde to me. It's definitely not dirty blonde or platinum blonde. So what is it? Anybody else got confused?

Amy Adams - The actress. She seems like a redhead. I mean a 100% but she's actually a blonde. WTF? Care to explain.

Rita Hayworth - The legendary actress who surely could dance. I know her famous hair was not her natural hair color but I want to talk about ' The Hair '. She iwas a 100% redhead to me but so many people said it's actually strawberry blonde. What's the difference between redhead/ginger and strawberry blonde anyway?

Blake Lively - The humble and down-to-earth exquisite beauty. I always say it's brown but it's actually blonde? What type of blonde is that?

Please help me. I'm so confused. :ninja:

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^^Exactly, Rita Hayworth's natural hair color was a very dark brown/black I believe....

*PS - I was surprised to hear that Katy Perry is a natural blonde but it's true! I think she looks better with the darker hair though.

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Dita Von Teese is a natural blond Californian girl :laugh:

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Interresting topic :laugh: . There's probablly who knows how many...

Bardot - brunette

Manroe - brunette

Klum - brunette

Christina Hendricks - blonde

Elvis - blonde

Alyssah Hannington - brunette

Swanepoel - brunette? She was a brunette when she started modeling but may have been blonde as a child although her hair looks died not. She may have been one where it got darker with age.

I usually assume most caucasians outside of Italy, Spain or Ireland with jet black hair have died it since most of the ones I know of over here seem to be obvious die at least like in Katy's case. On top of that, there's also many people in general with natural black hair who die it to make it jet black of course. There seems to be a lot of Asian and Brazilian people with natural jet black hair although any individual person can use die obviously.

In general, some people's hair also gets naturally darker with age too.

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