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Gonzalez Girl

I have a research and i need help !!!

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Hello ..

well i need some help here cause i'm writing a research for my college about Spanish Music ..

and i wrote everything about it & how it improved over the years ..

but i need some examples of a good Spanish singers or Musicians , so far i wrote:

( btw if i was wrong plz tell me ;) )


Alejandro Sanz

El Ultimo De La Fila

La Oreja De Van Gogh

El Canto Del Loco



David Bisbal

Manuel Carrasco

Jorge Celedon

Los Lobos

Sergio Dalma

Luis Fonsi

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i know Standstill but they sings in english and this is post hardcore music. :laugh:

i absolutely love Manu Chao and his band Mano Negra.

this is a french artist/band but he often sing in spanish and he is very famous in south america.

i know Nacho Vegas. this is a spanish musician. he plays folk music.

There are Migala too.

i think the best thing that you can do it make a search on myspace...

after it depends of what your teacher want... because 'for example) if he asks you to learn and sing one of the spanish songs that you found maybe it should be better to avoid harcore, punk music :laugh:

there are 2 or 3 years i listened a lot a totaly infamous band called Rosa Pantopon but their songs are in english : http://www.zanugarcia.info/ROSAPANTOPON/musica.html

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