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Rachel Nichols


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Rachel Nichols

Full name: Rachel Emily Nichols

Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m)

Date of Birth: 8 January 1980

Occupation: Model/Actress

Rachel graduated from Columbia University with a double major in math and economics. She modelled for Guess?, Abercrombie & Fitch, L'Oreal, and Nicole Miller and got the first role she auditioned for as a restaurant hostess on "Sex & the City". She was ranked #28 (2003) in Maxim's 100 Sexiest Women

Where You've Seen Her:

"Alias" (2001) TV Series .... Rachel Gibson (2005-)

"The Inside" (2005) TV Series .... Special Agent Rebecca Locke

The Amityville Horror (2005) .... Lisa

The Woods (2005) .... Samantha

A Funny Thing Happened at the Quick Mart (2004) .... Jennifer

Debating Robert Lee (2004) .... Trilby Moffat

Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd (2003) .... Jessica

Autumn in New York (2000) .... Model at Bar

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I've seen Dumb and Dumberer (terrible) and I liked her in it.

Unfortunately I haven't seen anything else from her.


Jennifer Garner is quitting alias and this girl is taking over the show supposedly. So you probably will be seeing a lot more of her


Sounds good!

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The Inside (tv.com) is a fairly average show, but I think her acting is pretty good. Although the stories are exciting the FBI agents seem very unrealistic. For example, they hardly ever check a room is clear and so silliness ensures. For most people, including me, a lack of realism in a "cop show" spoils it badly.

th_d38_rachel.jpg th_406_rachel_nichols_inside_1.jpg th_147_rachel_nichols_inside_2.jpg th_b96_rachel_nichols_inside_3.jpg

th_142_rachel_nichols_inside_4.jpg th_470_rachel_nichols_inside_5.jpg th_9c4_Rachel_Nichols_theinside02060310_shahel0001.jpg th_522_Rachel_Nichols_theinside02060310_shahel0002.jpg

th_d14_Rachel_Nichols_theinside28061523_shahel0003.jpg th_34f_Rachel_Nichols_theinside28061523_shahel0004.jpg th_ad0_Rachel_Nichols_theinside28061523_shahel0005.jpg th_48b_Rachel_Nichols_theinside28061523_shahel0006.jpg

th_ba1_Rachel_Nichols_theinside28061523_shahel0008.jpg th_6e3_Rachel_Nichols_theinside28061523_shahel0012.jpg th_8d2_Rachel_Nichols_theinside28061523_shahel0013.jpg th_540_Rachel_Nichols_theinsidel24051855_shahel0001.jpg

th_e5f_Rachel_Nichols_theinsidel24051855_shahel0002.jpg th_739_Rachel_Nichols_theinsidel24051855_shahel0003.jpg

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another generic blond


i can see how you would say that, but for some reason i think there's something special about her. i think she has a good-girl face, very innocent, and a body that is lean like a model's, but still delicate and lady-like. not sure. i find her very hot. and i'm usually not into blondes. prefer sultry brunttes like ines sastre or nicole triunfo.

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