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  1. miranda kerr too! these skinny brunettes drive me crazy!
  2. hot hot hot great stuff guys andi muise in particular is looking gorgeous!
  3. You have those? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I wandered by and happened to have pics that seem to fit the bill. Esquire, June 2002, cleaned up cover & one more: Sorry, Heidegger, that's a fake: well done! thank you.
  4. bump! great job gocho THANK YOU!!!!
  5. incessant

    Grace Park

    wow! great [email protected]#$% legs on that girl. nice to see some asian girls once in a while. she is beautiful and sexy.
  6. hot hot hot. her legs are amazing! any more hq's??? thank you!
  7. lullaby those newscom pics are AMAZING! gisele's legs look so hot. thank you!!!!
  8. hey how can i get in celebworld forum? i need to be invited?!
  9. wow, wait, just seeing those in the white tee and the bright light. gorgeous! even with that blonde hair. who shot these? love it.
  10. what's happened to her recently? 1. i don't see her around much. 2. what is with the blonde hair? ugh. 3. is she getting too old? 4. i always thought she was one of the most beautiful models around.
  11. very very hot pic ---- great find!
  12. ah, isn't she just amazing?...... *sigh*
  13. Heather Hahn Height:178 Bust:85 Waist:60 Hips:86 Shoe:39 Dress:35 Eyes:Blue represented by Next Models and Chic Model Management (as far as i can tell) i think she is australian, although now i see in supermodels.nl it says "colbert, usa" anyway on to the pics!
  14. heather hahn. incredibly hot, imo. i have never heard of her, i found a few more pics of her in this white bikini withe the amazing lighting just making her look like an angel...i will start a thread for her in the models section if there isn't one already! the second pic isn't really a polaroid, but it is sort of a casting pic don't you think?, candid and direct, although she has a bit of makeup. but i think it's really hot so i wanted to share! the first polaroid is great but very small.
  15. yes! i was looking for that. that site also has great mini casting videos, so hot. premier management. i think it's a uk model agency. thanks greedygrandpa!
  16. chris you gotta tell us --- where did you get those amateur pics?!? they are still some of my favorite pics on bellazon!
  17. http://www.cocodemerusa.com/btc/product_di...000000000&pn=1#
  18. http://microkitten.com/models.asp not bad
  19. i agree, we should all sit through and god created woman, and then vote. brigitte has got to be one of the hottest things ever captured on film!
  20. model, or woman? i remember being quite small and liking lynda carter in wonderwoman, i think i was six years old...and then it was on to the si swimsuit girls, cheryl tiegs and elle macpherson and their legs...in particular i saw on a show how elle was called "the body" and i thought oh my god! she is so hot she is called the body!...and then i think it was cindy crawford in her glory, the late 80s/early 90s, the mole, her dark hair, tits that weren't too big, but not too small, great lean long frame, like it said in that vanity fair article, a bit of cleavage, not too tacky....and then on to the vs girls i think? ines rivero, laetitia, (isn't it great that it's in her name right there?), heidi.... i might have missed some along the way. oh, daisy on the dukes of hazzard, she must count...other tv shows?/movies? i remember i liked that girl in those old chevrolet commercials (also on that alaska show?), and sela ward in that show about all those sisters, frankie, teddie, etc... i remember jessica alba on flipper, blew me away, jennifer love hewitt on party of five, the girl on different strokes, the girl on growing pains chelsea noble, i've always had a think for those brunettes, oh and the mom on silver spoons! erin grey... cybil shepherd on moolighting, the girl in the video for george michael's father figure, damn, i am trying to go all the way back! this is fun but also hurts my head.... more later
  21. i love cindy, she is one of the all-time greats!
  22. oh i like that term "classic beauties", describes it perfectly. so maybe something like "sexy sirens" and "classic beauties" .... even though i hate that word siren, kind of a tacky word. bombshell is another silly word. oh i just remembered two more beauties, how could i forget them! paulina porizkova, i think with jacqueline bisset, the most beautiful face i have ever seen. but what category would she be in, beauty or bombshell? hmm. and the girl from the graduate, katharine ross. stunningly beautiful! (i think she makes the movie, makes it believable. her beauty makes me believe he would go crazy and chase her like that. otherwise, would have been a dumb movie.) anyway, katharine ross -- file under obscure.
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