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Georgia May Jagger

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Like mother, like daughter

Modelling runs in the genes for Jerry Hall and Georgia Jagger

“I know, I know,” Jerry Hall says, in that unmistakable long Texan drawl of hers, agreeing that she has indeed spent many hours in photographic studios over the years. She has, let’s remember, been modelling since the early 1970s and, despite received wisdom that the jobs dry up after 35, she’s still going strong at almost 54. But this is the first time she has done a shoot with her second daughter, Georgia May. “I’m so proud,” she beams. “It’s fantastic. I never thought I’d be modelling with Georgia, and she’s so beautiful and such a good model.”

Hall adds that her daughter has inherited her father’s mouth. “Which is a very good thing! In her pictures, she has so much like a Brigitte Bardot sort of look, y’know? Though, has a slightly different take on things. (Isn’t that always the case with mothers and daughters?) “She’s so great,” she smiles. “She was like, ‘Go put your hair like this, stand this way, get in the good light.’ It was good. It was nice to have a buddy — I usually work on my own.The two do seem very cosy together, more like best friends than mother and daughter. “Our whole family is close,” Georgia says. “Especially the girls.” And you get the feeling they share everything, even clothes. “Half my closet is hers,” Georgia admits.

“Yeah,” Jerry grins. “We love to go get ready in my dressing room and discuss what we’re gonna wear to this or that, or new make-up or, y’know, things we’ve discovered.

They do this a lot — banter away, jump in and finish each other’s sentences. Georgia seems totally adoring of her mother. “Mum’s awesome! Me and Lizzie [her elder sister] love her. We think she’s so cool. I’m always saying to people when I’m on photoshoots about what Mum says and her old stories from fashion and how it used to be.

“Well, y’know,” Jerry comes in, “when we used to do fashion shows, we’d sit there for hours just hanging out. And now, when you go, it’s all full of cameras and filming, so you’re working the whole time.

“And you used to smile and twirl,” Georgia cuts in again. “They’d be, like, smoking cigarettes on the catwalk and stuff. It was more animated, more like acting.“It was slower, yeah,” Jerry drawls.

There’s been nothing slow about Georgia’s career. She’s only 18, but she is already the face of Hudson jeans and one of the faces of Rimmel London, and recently modelled for Chanel in its cruise show in St Tropez, where Karl Lagerfeld anointed her as his favourite new muse. “Miss Jagger is the modern girl,” he told Style. “She is the girl of today. There is a total identification between her and the clothes. They could be her clothes. She is totally at home in Chanel.” She was also named model of the year at the 2009 British Fashion Awards. So how does it feel to be hailed as the model of the moment?

“Well, it’s weird, ’cos I do a lot of big stuff that people see everywhere, but I’m still going to school. I travel and I work, but I don’t miss school, you know. I just work when I have spare time — so I’m not doing Fashion Week. Maybe next year it might be different.

That’s because in September she’s off to New York to move in with her sister Lizzie (who is still modelling and is, according to her mother, “a big shopper”) and study photography at university. “I want be a photographer. I just learn the whole time and get to ask everyone what they’re doing.

It’s something her dad seems to approve of (despite his reported mis-givings when Lizzie moved into modelling). “He’s fine with it,” says Georgia. “I mean he totally supports it, ’cos he knows I’m going to school and I want to learn other stuff. I was just working with Mario Sorrenti. He started out as a male model and now he’s one of the biggest photographers in the world.

“Yeah,” Jerry agrees. “Lizzie went into modelling and didn’t go to university, and he wanted her to, and Georgia’s going, so I think they’ve struck a bargain there, y’know.

Meanwhile, there’s the campaign mum and daughter have just shot for the Australian suncare brand Invisible Zinc — and it’s one they really seem genuine about, having used the sunscreen range before they were approached. “Georgia and Lizzie both have very white skin, like their father. And we’re all crazy about this stuff,” says Jerry. “It’s organic — we like natural — and it doesn’t give you spots, which is really good.

“I really like the tinted stuff as well,” says Georgia. And they’re off on their banter again. “I really like the tinted, too,” says Mum.

“It’s like really good foundation.”

“You can use that and then you don’t have to put on any make-up.”

“It’s really lovely. And on they go, chatting and giggling like a couple of schoolgirls.

A cream for all seasons

Protecting your skin from the ageing effects of the sun is dull but necessary. The chemicals used in sunscreens are the very same that contribute to clogged pores, oily skin and spots. Thankfully, the beauty industry has rectified this, and now you can get all the SPF protection you need, but with added skincare benefits.

“We believe suncare should focus on high-performance, safe, mineral-based sun protection with added skin-saving benefits,” says Liz Earle, founder of the natural skincare brand of the same name.

Aside from the new slew of natural formulas, this summer it’s all about high protection, with a whole host of new SPF50 creams formulated specifically for the face and delicate eye area. Here are our top five.

Liz Earle Mineral Sun Cream SPF20

A light, non- greasy cream packed with mineral sunscreens and nourishing shea butter. Perfect for sensitive skins. £18.50; 01983 813913

Invisible Zinc Face & Body Sunscreen

Australia’s fastest-growing suncare brand uses naturally derived zinc oxide as its active UV barrier. No parabens. £17.95; from Selfridges

Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily Moisturizer SPF50

An intensely moisturising cream with effective broad-spectrum sunscreen. Great, instant absorption. £25; from Selfridges

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Extreme Fluid SPF50+ Tinted Formula

Protection for those who want coverage, without piling on foundation. £16.50; boots.com

Clinique City Block Sheer SPF25

Suitable for sensitive skins, this provides sheer, broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection in a featherweight formula. £15; nationwide


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I found a pic and interview on the Hudson Jeans blog.


A Quick Chat With Georgia May Jagger

She’s young, she’s gorgeous, and she’s IT. Not only does she have a Rimmel London cosmetics contract under her belt, Donatella Versace hand-picked her to be the star of Versace’s spring/summer 2010 ad campaign. Meet Georgia May Jagger. It’s her second year as the face of Hudson Jeans and I had the pleasure of chatting with her at the shoot.

On a side note, I don’t know who I should give credit to for that photo — my phone (yes, it’s a mobile shot) which takes the best pictures, Georgia who looks HOT, or me for taking good photos. I kid, I kid you.

How does it feel to be the face of the Hudson Jeans brand?

It’s great! It’s great to be continuing to work with them. We’ve got a relationship now and it’s just really nice. It’s friendly. It’s fun that it changes every time and it’s something different and new, even though it’s still the same team.

It’s your second time doing the Hudson Jeans campaign. How is this shoot different from other shoots you’ve done in the past?

It’s different because this time around, we all know each other and we’re much more friendly, open and creative. Before it was my first ever proper campaign and I was a bit new to everything. It was like, a lot of stuff. We did five days — videos, commercials, everything like that. So it was really new and strange for me. I’m more used to it now and I’ve come back after not seeing these guys for a year. It’s really nice and they’re so friendly and sweet.

Like a family?

Yeah, totally.

What do you love about modeling?

I love the creativity, the people and the clothes. Just being around all these different people, photographers, stylists and designers. They’re all so great in their own way. Modeling is also just a really good way of being creative.

Is there anything you don’t like about the industry or modeling in general?

Having to hold really long, painful positions and make it look easy and fun.

You’re an artist as well as a model. Where do you find your inspiration?

All kinds of things. I’m very inspired by people, different places, you know? I like nature a lot. Traveling.

Who inspires you?

Loads of people. Everyone here. All my friends, my mum, my sister, my brother.

Do models inspire you? Who’s your favorite model?

I don’t really have a favorite. Well actually, I really like Abbey-Lee Kershaw. She’s super pretty. I really like her pictures at the moment. I like to look at old Hollywood stars. I’m very old school in that way. I like old movies, old glamour, stuff like that.

How do you style your Hudson jeans?

I like the black jegging jeans especially. I wear them with a t-shirt and a jacket. Probably motorcycle boots or horse riding boots.


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