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Mirte Maas

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A breeze of fresh air from London. The room is getting awfully warm here and coffee is flowing non-stop since 8am. Typical friday, usual rush and the good surprises that change the whole schedule when they hit our mail inbox. Today it's Mirte, who's working hard with Union Models in London. We should rather stay tuned for an editorial galore (editorial frenzy?) in the upcoming months. Mirte (Dutch and delicate, 5'10 and from MTA) is shooting everything a girl should shoot and according to everyone around her, she's rocking the town. And beyond... as we're just upside down, thousands of kilometers away. Some models simply make the world go round.

d46bc840240597.gif a2076640240598.gif 1b885640240600.gif


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Mirte Maas @


She is Dutch, she just turned 18 and is this summer in London where she is signed with Union Model Management. A found by

MTA in the Netherlands (who also found many great stunners like Aruna Brouwer, Cecilia Sion ...) She is 178 tall - has a good body shape (81-61-89). Mirte has this incredible touch which makes her unforgettably, maybe is this the ground why she rocks London at the moment and gets every big editorial which are the dreams of every Model. Just last month Mirte worked with Judy Blame (one of the most importants Stylistes) shooted an editorial for the UK Vogue but this is not the only editorial which she got for Vogue, she got a second one as well but not for UK Vogue. We will see in the upcoming months many great editorials with Mirte like LULA Magazine, Plastique Magazine .... We will update her editorials here.


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OMG. Her serial-killer good looks are taking her to the TOP!!

She exploded in NY - opened for Donna Karan and Alexander Wang, closed Alberta Feretti, walked for Marc, Anna Sui, Michael Kors, CK, Rodarte... all the big shows, she's a STAR!! and i really like her look personally :blush:


soo fierce she looks like shes going to kill someone :heart:

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