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Dan Cameron


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Thank you for directing your time, efforts, and enormous talents to posting such awesome pics of Dan.

He looks great on the runway. MORE.....please! :yes: :yes: The backstage pics are adorable. He looks great, but I think he looks better with the short hair. Especially :wub: the Lost in Space photoshoot and the Energie jeans pics too. Dan shows that he can really hold his own with the heavyweights in the industry - David Jensen and Marcus Hedbranh. More power to Dan! (Y)

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Ahhhhhhhhh... finally...new pics of Dan! :drool: Thanks, ganymede! :wave: :thumbsup: Although he looks great with the longer, lighter, curlier hair, I think I prefer him with the shaved head. He really leaps at ya from the photos when he sports that look!! :woot:

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