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Repo! The Genetic Opera


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The movie is set in the year 2056; 26 years after an epidemic of organ failures devastated the planet. Out of the tragedy, the Bio-Tech Company GeneCo, run by Rotti Largo, emerged to provide organ transplants to the needy populace on a financial plan, making it affordable to anyone who needed one. Through his efforts, Rotti also got approval to create the Repo Men, assassins dispatched to deal with customers who default on their payments. In the present time, 17 year-old Shilo Wallace explores the cemetery where her mother is entombed. Hiding from GeneCop searchlights, she runs into the GraveRobber, a dealer of an addictive, expensive, painkiller Zydrate. Encountering GeneCops, Shilo passes out and awakens in her house, where her overprotective father, Nathan, has kept her locked all her life. Shilo has been suffering from an apparent blood disease inherited from her mother, Marni, who died taking a

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i read your first few posts the other day.. but didnt respond cuz i was trying desperately to get my ass off of the comp

and do some shit.... but that night i did see the trailer on fear.net and

went from very interested to Desperate to see it.

its nice to see anthony stewart head from buffy is in it!! :drool:

and ogre from skinny puppy :wub:

im sold!@!!!!

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YES! Giles is in it :chicken: I am so happy with that. He has one of the best voices in this movie!

It gets a tiny gory, not as bad as I was expecting but a bit.

I am so obsessed with this damn movie and I am not going to stop until everyone sees it :rofl:

Paris Hilton surprised the crap outta me; I can't stand the girl on a normal basis but she blew me away! I really enjoyed her part in this movie.

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^I do hope you're not suggesting illegal file downloading... :no:

I'd never dream of such a thing! Little old me - costing the movie industry millions in revenue, aiding and abetting criminal gangs, jeopardising our future film enjoyment, AND subsidising terrorist networks..? Red, how could you lead me astray so? :laugh:

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oh puleeeze, baron youre such a bad boy i bet youve got hardrives chock full o' downloaded shit :evil:

i myself am above such things.....

my son downloads it for me :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

and thanks for sarah, sweet ophelia.... im going to use it for meditation

ill stare into her eyes till ive reached nirvana :p :p

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