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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2009 (PRE-SHOW Thread)


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is there going to be a v.s.f.s this year? i don't think theirs going to be one

this year because not all the angel would be able to come out in the v.s.f.s.

because adriana is pregnant and i think heidi is pregnant too. and karolina

selita, and izabel are no longer angel i dont think their is no point to have a

v.s.f.s. if onlye 4 angels (alesandra, marissa, miranda and doutzen) are the

only ones able to come out in the show.

and if their is a v.s.f.s who do you think is going to where the fantasy bra?

their only 4 option because they are the only ones that are going to be able

to be in the show.

Alessandra, miranda, doutzen, or marissa.

i think is going to be ale or marissa.

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Guest threelittlekittens

I hope it's Alessandra who gets the bra this year, she's one of my favorites. Has she worn it before?

Yeah, I could see Marisa wear it, a lot of people seem to like her. I'm actually starting to tolerate her too :o

Doutzen definitely won't be getting it because she's so new and the public barely knows her.

I don't think Miranda will get it though, she's also not very public and she doesn't seem to be big like Ale or Marisa.

I think there will be a show this year, I hope so too. It's what make winter suck a little less. I don't want it to be like 2004, where there was no show.

And they'll probably add a new Angel (or maybe 2). Emanuela seems to be the frontrunner in my eyes though I'd prefer it be Julia Stegner.

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true ^

they should make her an angel, she'd do a great job

and who knows they ever do a tour again, i'd rather prefer the show though

i'm so going to miss adriana in the show :cry:

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I'm guessing there will not be a show this year. They're two biggest names, are out for this year and they only are going to rely on 4 angels, while they are popular they don't have the name to pull in an audience like Heidi or Adriana. Plus by now we usually have heard something and there hasn't been any news, plus with the economy the way it is...it was a struggle for them to do a show last year, and the economy is worse than it was then. So they really don't have anything going for them.

I'm guessing they'll substitute it for a tour, or something. It would be easier because Adriana and Heidi could participate because they wouldn't have to get into as much shape as they would if they were wearing the regular underwear, they would be wearing t-shirts and such. The fantasy bra would still be worn (Tyra did during the 2004 tour) and it would introduce the new angel line up to the people.

Also just because Adriana and Heidi wouldn't be in the show doesn't mean they'll replace them with two new angels....Also these two are both due before the show....in the fall September/October and they could easily get back into shape if their was a show...so don't count either out yet.

But my guess and hunch is there won't be a show, like I said they don't have their biggest names, don't really have the money, and there has been NO news of it and usually news starts leaking in March.

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meh. i don't even really care about it this year. i'll still watch, of course, but really my favourite models for the VSFS are all old school. KK, Gisele, Naomi, Tyra, Eva. none of them will be doing it this year. yeah, i love Ale and Miranda and Doutzen, and Emanuela, so i'll still tune in to see how everyone looks ... but i'm not as pumped as i usually am.

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^ couldn't of said it better myself. I usually get soo pumped and get all the fitting pics and stuff, but ... this year I'm not as interested. :/

No Iza, KK, yada yada. And also with Heidi and Adri out, they'll have some problems. But its their own fault since they got rid f veterans like KK and Iza. The only thing that could get me interested is if Ale openes and has Fantasy Bra.

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did doutzen just give a hint about VSFS 09? what do you guys think?

Doutzen blogs for Fashionweekdaily.com(thnx to dadum)


Dear Daily!

Doutzen Kroes reports from the launch of Victoria's Secret Facebook page...Plus! Her dish from the Webby Awards

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

(NEW YORK) Dear Daily,

This morning started like most typical work days. I got up at 6:30 and had breakfast--an espresso macchiato and egg-white omelet with turkey and tomatoes...yum! I'm always concerned with being late, so I hurried out the door only to be the first arrival at work. Dominick and Meredith, our beauty team, worked their magic and transformed me for our morning press event. I had a quick photo op, a foam finger-poking war and interviews with Ale (Alessandra Ambrosio) at the Lexington Store for the launch of the Victoria's Secret Facebook Fan Page. It really doesn't feel like work when you get to play on Facebook all morning. Then we headed over to a meeting about the fashion show to surprise all the executives. You should have seen their faces when we walked in--they were shocked. I'd share more, but it's still top secret!

I needed to re-energize since I was up so early, so I got a second cup of coffee and headed downtown. I've been searching for the perfect little sundress and a summer bag that works for traveling, so I walked around the West Village for awhile but had no luck. I met up with some girlfriends for lunch around 2, enjoyed the beautiful weather, and then it was back to hair and make-up at Ale's apartment for the Webby Awards. Victoria's Secret won the People's Choice Award for the video series from the fashion show, so Ale and I went to accept the award. I chose the most gorgeous slate grey Hervé Léger dress. I love Max Azria's designs. They always look amazing on and are perfect for any occasion. It was a fun day, but I couldn't wait to get into my bed.


Doutzen Kroes

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This pretty much confirms there won't be....because if they're have a meeting about it....uh normally they know exactly where it will be by now, and they have already started on costumes. Not just having a meeting about it. I'm telling you they'll do a tour, I'd bet money on it.

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