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Mori Izumi


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Name: 森泉 (もり いずみ

Name (romaji): Mori Izumi

Nickname: Izumi-chan (泉ちゃん)

Profession: Actress, model, and tarento

Birthdate: 1982-Oct-18

Birthplace: Minato, Tokyo, Japan

Height: 174cm

Measurement: B: 80.0 W: 60.0 H: 88.0

Zodiac sign: Libra

Blood type: A

Family: Grandmother/fashion designer Mori Hanae, father/businessman Mori Akira, mother/former model Pamela Ann Harris and brother/t-shirt designer Mori Tsutomu

Talent agency: Oscar Promotion

Education: Keio Gijuku Yochisha Primary School, Putney School (Vermnont, United States), Clark Memorial International School (Shenzhen, Hokkaido)

Hobbies: Talking to animals and equestrian

Specialty: Design

Languages: Japanese and English

Mori's father is Japanese-American and mother is Italian-American

Official site: http://model.oscarpro.co.jp/model/mori/

# Informations from DramaWiki

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don't hate on me :ninja: I think she's "white-girl-cute", but no way a "Japanese-kawaii"... her face is so long and...not round :laugh: I like those Shiseido ads, mostly because of the other girls :rofl:

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ah, oh! silly me. of course you do, after all, you're not into a kawaii-girl thing :) and about Yukie - so agree, only when it comes to this series of ads...I like Emi Suzuki & Yuri Ebihara more :blush:

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