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Who has a bigger nose?

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Who has a bigger nose?  

117 members have voted

  1. 1. Who has a bigger nose?

    • Natalia Vodianova
    • Gemma ward
    • Miranda Kerr
    • Megan Ewing
    • Gisele Bundchen

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initially i wasnt aware of ANY of them having a large nose...never thought about it one way or another. then someone pointed out the giselle thing and i was like: oh, yeah..hmm...never noticed it in the others BUT THANKS A LOT...now i'll never be able to look at them the same again <_<

anyway i voted giselle

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well giselle has more fans here than natalia vodianova or gemma ward.... so im not sure EVERY poll is a popularity contest. many are tho, i will grant u that...but isnt that life? i mean so many of those top 100 shows...hottest hotties, maxim's top 100, teen ppl's hottest under 25, etc etc are all heavily influenced by the popularity of the celeb at the time ;)

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I felt bored thats why i came up with this poll..no offence to the fans... i am not making a mockery out of them just wanna know who in ur opinion possesses a bigger nose.


I don't suppose someone could tell the neophytes among us who is who in the row of pix? Giselle is by herself in a small pic for some reason.

My guess:

Natalia, Megan, Meranda, Meranda, Gemma

Why two Meranda's? I might have to go with whoever is 4th in line here.

I am not sure that winning this pole is a good thing ...

Giselle definitely has the cutest (that might be a good pole actually).

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plz dun think i'm bias....i didnt know i uploaded 2 of miranda's pics too until i was done....wen i noticed i became to lazy to change it! :p and about gisele...i'm not a fan of hers so i dont keep much of her pictures infact i didnt wanna nominate her into dis poll but ppl were sayin she has a huge nose...i dun think so though...anywayz dis was d only picture where i think her nose is kinda big dats y i put dis lil picture...if u want u can upload anoter picture of hers!!

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