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Cody ChesnuTT


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Biography from VH1.com

The common life just wasn't enough for soul singer Cody ChesnuTT. In 1992, after working as a long-distance operator, he left his day job to make his dream in music come true. It would be another ten years until they were fully realized, but the trek made ChesnuTT the musician he is today.

ChesnuTT began tinkering with the guitar in his early teens in his native Atlanta. His father was a manager of several local bands. This, in turn, opened doors and by age 13 he was playing shows. By his late 20s, he founded the band Crosswalk and was a skillful guitar player. A major-label deal was in the works, but everything fell short for ChesnuTT. The new millennium, however, proved golden. He hibernated in his bedroom, a homemade studio he nicknamed the Sonic Promiseland and began recording. What amassed from those personal sessions was a 36-track double-disc entitled The Headphone Masterpiece.


Biography from CodyChesnuTT.com

Cody ChesnuTT (with two capital T's please) was beginning to live the life every struggling musician dreams about. His band The Crosswalk was signed to Hollywood Records and had completed a debut album VENUS LOVES A MELODY when, without warning, disaster struck. Victims of political label treachery, The Crosswalk was sent packing and ChesnuTT's band abandoned him like rats fleeing a sinking ship.

Down, but by no means out, Cody retreated to the comfort of his bedroom studio the Sonic Promiseland. Alone and armed with an array of instruments, one microphone and a 4-track, a project of epic proportions evolved. This informal, lo-tech setting allowed the Atlanta-native to capture the honest passion of his creative energy. He emerged with his "Musical Diary" THE HEADPHONE MASTERPIECE. As the title implies the album was produced to give the listener a parallel experience with the one Cody had while recording and mixing all of the songs through SONY MDR-7506's.

A sprawling masterwork of genre-defying nuggets reminiscent of the golden age of pop radio, THE HEADPHONE MASTERPIECE is a musical/performance art showpiece unlike any other. From sweet 60's soul to first wave British invasion to dirty south hip hop and post-modern dream pop, THE HEADPHONE MASTERPIECE is an evolution of Cody's life experiences, influences and creativity.

Cody's blistering live show has earned him a loyal following amongst his fellow artists and invitations to perform with Macy Gray, Saul Williams, Res and The (Legendary) Roots. The Roots' upcoming album PHRENOLOGY (MCA) features Cody collaborating with the band on their version of his song "The Seed." Cody also produced and co-wrote two songs on SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT, the debut album by Epic Records Artist Rehab.

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The Headphone Masterpiece

Label: Ready Set Go!

Released: 01.01.02


01. Magic in a Mortal Minute

02. With Me in Mind

03. Upstarts in a Blowout

04. Boylife in America

05. B****, I'm Broke

06. Serve This Royalty

07. The Seed

08. Enough of Nothing

09. Setting the System

10. The Most Beautiful Shame

11. Smoke and Love

12. Michelle

13. No One Will

14. Batman vs. Blackman

15. Up in the Treehouse

16. Can't Get No Betta'

17. She's Still Here

18. Can We Teach Each Other

19. The World Is Coming to My Party

20. Brother With an Ego

21. War Between the Sexes

22. The Make Up

23. Out of Nowhere


24. Family on Blast

25. My Women, My Guitars

26. Somebody's Parent

27. When I Find Time

28. Eric Burdon

29. Juicin' the Dark

30. On a Joyride

31. Daylight

32. So Much Beauty in the Subconscious

33. Daddy's Baby

34. If We Don't Disagree

35. Looking Good in Leather

36. 6 Seconds

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Cody ChesnuTT

MTV You Hear It First

March 30, 2002

How do you catch the ear of buzz bin faves like Nelly Furtado, the Roots and the Strokes?

If you're up-and-comer Cody Chesnutt, it takes a little '60s rock and soul, a bit of dirty South hip-hop, a hint of British new wave and a whole lot of talent. The 32-year-old Atlanta native blends those sounds on his debut album, The Headphone Masterpiece, which finds him writing, producing and playing every instrument on the LP.

Chesnutt been mastering his skill set for years and started playing live back in 1983, when at the age of 13 he began opening shows for bands managed by his father. Some 15 years later, he landed a record deal of his own with his band, Crosswalk. Instead of being the beginning of something wonderful, the deal almost proved to be the end, as chesnutt almost hung it up two years ago.

"You got all these dreams you've built up just for those two words: 'record deal.' All of the sudden, you go to the record company and without hesitation, they pull out the rug."

Dropped by his label, and ultimately his band, Chesnutt withdrew to what he calls his "sonic promised land"

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