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  1. i've been looking for something like that, not as many hours though. how'd you find out about that? it's got to be cool working at home doing that, you set your own hours?
  2. i think it was a mixture of all the sports, but i think hockey probably did the most damage. of course, soccer, running, gymnastics, etc probably didn't help any, but 'falling' on your knees with no knee-pads or anything all the time isn't too good either i haven't played in a long time my knee is getting better, there's still work that has to be done though.
  3. thanks maddog i'm not 100% sure of what exactly hurt my knee, it could've been the sports i played in school though. being a butterfly-goalie without knee-pads is not so good for your knees apparently but i do know that the cartilage underneath my knee-cap was tearing away.
  4. good to hear you're doing well maddog, i've been doing ok. i just finished up 3 1/2 months of physical therapy about a week and a half ago. and two weeks ago this monday Oti passed on it's tought but i'm doing ok.
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    the last of my galang caps:
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    M.I.A.'s been on the move. The sounds she's encountered have become her own. It's hard to say which is more interesting: M.I.A.'s background or her music. Beginning as a youth on the run from authorities, continuing as a teen refugee in London and now as an artist with what is likely to be one of the most written-about albums of 2005, the 27-year-old daughter of a Sri Lankan rebel has lived a tragic yet extraordinary life. Already, M.I.A.'s electro-Bollywood-hip-hop has generated gargantuan interest among pop tastemakers, all of it based on a single song. "Galang," named one of last year's 10
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    'Are you lesbian?' 'No, I'm making music.' Here's a little tip for the kids. If you're going to be interviewing Miss M.I.A., be sure to tell your editor you're going to need at least a half dozen pages to squeeze in all the good stuff. If your editor finds this unreasonable, get a blog and just reprint everything there. That way, everybody wins. So. Today we talked to the delightful Maya Arulpragasam. The 800 word version of our encounter appears in tomorrow's National Post. If you'd rather just read a couple thousand of her words without ours getting in the way, this post is for you. Laughs h
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    Reggae Riddims and the Sound of London Grit (What Music Do I Listen To?) By M.I.A. IN 1986, 10-year-old Maya Arulpragasam and her family fled the civil war in Sri Lanka and settled in England. She learned English about the time she discovered another language: hip-hop, the perfect vernacular for describing life as a refugee in a squalid housing estate in South London. Now 28, she performs as M.I.A., for "Missing in Acton," a nod both to her London borough, Acton, and to the guerrilla spirit of her lyrics. After releasing two singles, the dancehall-inflected "Galang" and "Sunshowers," last year
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    In a class of her own The freshest voice to hit underground music belongs to a woman who spent her childhood in Sri Lanka and teen years in London, and has experienced war, poverty and racism After weeks of waiting, and five straight days of phone calls, much back and forth, "just checking in" (me), and "things are really tight" (them), I finally get M.I.A. on the phone. Who? You won't be asking that question for long. Not if there is any justice. Not if there is an ounce of dignity in the music biz. Straight out of London, with her formative years spent in war-torn Sri Lanka, teen years as a
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    M.I.A. drops dance bomb Sri Lanka-born singer shakes things up M.I.A. is the Anglo-friendly pseudonym of Sri Lanka-born Londoner Maya Arulpragasam. Her music is a stunning mix of hip-hop, ragga, dance and electronica. The mix, with the young woman's unrelentingly political lyrics, bears more than a passing influence from no-wave bands like Gang of Four; the beats are erratic, spitting and shifting in ways that should keep potential dancers jumping, jerking and losing their balance. Lyrically, M.I.A. could be mistaken for a rabble-rouser, a potential threat to national security. While she chant
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    some 'galang' caps i made:
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    it's hard to get caps from her JKL performance because the video quality is not so good, but here's two
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