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  1. He's featured in this season's DSquared² advertisement campaign. They're using backstage photos.
  2. Also, many more backstage photos located at the link below: http://frillr.com/BackstageDsquaredSpringSummer2009Mens/ Enjoy!
  3. Dsquared²: Backstage Spring/Summer 2009
  4. The runway video of his Dsquared² walk is on the official website: http://www.dsquared.com Click on Runway, once the page loads you'll be able to click on Video. As for the PacSun video, I'm sorry. I no longer have it. My computer fried, so everything disappeared. Sorry.
  5. DSquared: Spring/Summer 2009
  6. Hey, it's been awhile guys. Here is Rihanna's video, "Take A Bow" which features Anthony Gallo. http://www.defjam.com/site/audiovideo.php?...ctid=1520991197 Enjoy!
  7. Sorry, guys. There isn't much to post. Blame it on the casting directors.
  8. I believe that is Hidetoshi Nakata. He's a former soccer star.
  9. holla


    Ho snap! Jessica White is with "Maybelline" now? Wow, pretty cool. Adriana Lima looks amazing, as usual. I'm glad she put her hair back to her original color, much more better. Thank you for the awesome pictures, everyone.
  10. Joe Edwards Red Model Management That's from an "Abercrombie & Fitch" advertisement.
  11. Nevermind, I've ID'ed her myself. Jarah Mariano.
  12. Does anyone happen to know her full name, and possibly what agency she's signed with? I've seen her all over the place (Old Navy, Victoria's Secret etc.). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Am I the only one who didn't know Alessandra Ambrosio is in 007's "Casino Royale"? I just saw her, and was surprised that I had no word of her being in it. Weird. Either way, she looks beautiful in it.
  14. :lol: Alessandra Ambrosio confesses her Blackberry addiction in the latest issue of "GQ" magazine, June 2007. By the way, there aren't any pictures of her in the magazine. Just that little blurb in an article about people who are addicted to their PDAs.
  15. Nevermind, I've ID'ed her myself. Caroline D'Amore
  16. holla


    It's not the editors' choice, or anyone in the magazine for that matter (supposedly). It's chosen by us, by votes.
  17. Anyone know who the girl in yellow is? I've seen her around a few places. She's currently modeling for "J. Crew".
  18. No problem, you're welcome.
  19. holla


    I'm not sure if this has ever been posted. If so, I apologize. Alessandra Ambrosio in Motion Download: click here
  20. Vibe: June 2007 "Training Day"
  21. holla


    Ah, I was about to post the "People" video but I just realized you guys already have it.
  22. holla


    It doesn't matter whether you live outside of the UK. Around where I live there's a magazine store that has all magazines, international. Just search around for a magazine store, you'll find it. If she does happen to appear in the GQ magazine, I'll scan it and post it up for those who aren't able to get it.
  23. Vot for Adriana Lima on GQ's poll for their sexiest lady to ever grace their covers. Here's the link: http://men.style.com/gq/polls/gq_50th_anni...est_woman_cover
  24. Sorry for the long period of silence on my part. I apologize. There hasn't been much to update the thread with. Once I come across anything I'll definitely be sure to keep you guys posted. Until then, take care!
  25. Wow, I guess my opinion differs than many of you's that have stated your's. I think all the models did extremely well. Gisele Bundchen: Her opening the show was awesome. Her walk was CRAZY AMAZING, you saw how confident she is. I prefer the not smiling side of her's, cause you can tell she means business. Selita Ebanks: Beautiful. Too bad she only had 2 outfits. Adriana Lima: BEAUTIFUL! She was extremely bubbly on the runway, but I would of prefered her to be a bit more serious with it. Although she IS sexy, she wasn't showing a sexy side. But still, she did a good job. I love her walk.
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