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Sara Jean Underwood


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I wanted to post following pics into her thread but can't seem to find it

Maybe i'm doing something wrong but i have to leave these links somewhere

Sara Jean Underwood At Ultra Lounge Tight Red Dress Cleavage, Butt and Legs HQ x14

SVUSOJZMGG_sara_underwood_tabu_big.jpg NY25EY8ND0_sara_underwood_tabu_4_big.jpg A956R44Z2Q_sara_underwood_tabu_8_big.jpg VXRUN51SQQ_sara_underwood_tabu_2_big.jpg Q384BKBRVQ_sara_underwood_tabu_3_big.jpg OID1B9QBU2_sara_underwood_tabu_5_big.jpg 8YVTKN41LS_sara_underwood_tabu_6_big.jpg F4JK7133BY_sara_underwood_tabu_7_big.jpg 3VY543GZ3N_sara_underwood_tabu_9_big.jpg P3U1X0FEZ1_sara_underwood_tabu_10_big.jpg 998DP4MQL0_sara_underwood_tabu_11_big.jpg 2F8XQNIQBA_sara_underwood_tabu_12_big-1.jpg 2O2LPTYCK5_sara_underwood_tabu_12_big-2.jpg 7PJP0ID5QT_sara_underwood_tabu_12_big.jpg

What am i doing wrong OR is she not allowed on this forum? please?

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Oh wow! Thanks!

Bug a mod. I'm sure one of them will be happy to merge this into her thread for you.

I searched Underwood and the complete name but still can't find her thread.

I still have the links so i will post them if i know where to do that.

I find this an EXTREMELY good forum but are afraid i mess things up (that's not what im here for)

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Date of Birth

26 March 1984, Scappoose, Oregon, USA


5' 3" (1.60 m)


Playboy Playmate of the Month July 2006.

Measurements: 32B-24-31 (Source: Her Playmate Data Sheet).

Played volleyball on her junior high school team.

Business Marketing major at Oregon State University.

May 3rd 2007 Sara was named Playmate of the Year 2007.





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Sara Jean Underwood


Sara Jean Underwood (born March 26, 1984) is an American model who was chosen as Miss July 2006 for Playboy magazine and later became Playmate of the Year in 2007. She was born in Portland, Oregon, graduated from Scappoose (Oregon) High School in 2002, and has been a student at Oregon State University.

Sara Underwood first appeared in Playboy magazine not only in its The Girls of the Pac 10 pictorial of the October 2005 issue, but as the model featured on the cover of that issue as well. That cover depicted her holding a football, clad only in a body painting of an Oregon State Beavers football jersey and a painted imitation of matching bikini briefs. She next appeared in the magazine in July 2006, as the Playmate of the Month. In June 2007, Playboy honored Underwood as its Playmate of the Year, the first Miss July to receive the title. In March, 2008, Playboy ranked her at #25 for their "25 Hottest Playboy Celebrities."

She has such a beautiful face :wub:

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