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  1. If i Google "Charles Dera" there are a lot of pics but i cant seem to find him on this forum. Am i doing something wrong?
  2. Thanks for all the pics I only have thisone
  3. only one (and i'm not sure if its her)
  4. Taylor Momsen at a party may2009
  5. I searched Underwood and the complete name but still can't find her thread. I still have the links so i will post them if i know where to do that. I find this an EXTREMELY good forum but are afraid i mess things up (that's not what im here for)
  6. I wanted to post following pics into her thread but can't seem to find it Maybe i'm doing something wrong but i have to leave these links somewhere Sara Jean Underwood At Ultra Lounge Tight Red Dress Cleavage, Butt and Legs HQ x14 What am i doing wrong OR is she not allowed on this forum? please?
  7. I dunno who she is but her face is stunning
  8. Mods, please, delete this post misplaced this, (searched topiccontent instead of topictitles
  9. QUOTE(smtm001 @ Jun 14 2008, 09:06 AM) i leave the pictures out because i don't want to look like a spammer but if i click any of those thumbs i get this : am i doing something wrong?
  10. I contacted Fossil They cannot/wiilnot tell me 1. The name of the model 2. the name of photografer 3. the name of person responsible for add 4. the company who created the add maybe you can help I only need the name of the model
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