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Miranda Kerr


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Vogue Australia - August 2022
Happy Snaps

Photographer: Isaac Brown
Stylist: Philippa Moroney
Hair stylist: Alan White
Hair colourist: Kirby Lago
Make-up: Noni Smith
Manicure: Jocelyn Petroni
Set design: Roze Hooji
Words: Katrina Israel


g02ce6H7_t.jpg LwvHHOxX_t.jpg EptIXCPv_t.jpg Yt6G6R8e_t.jpg eQLkiBGH_t.jpg uybjfdWr_t.jpg qD39NI7e_t.jpg YJ5Eorn2_t.jpg 7K4dABAI_t.jpg fNBaBnZb_t.jpg ZEwExQ0M_t.jpg AbbkazSm_t.jpg efOEsmsz_t.jpg khtraOuV_t.jpg ueBMVz5f_t.jpg wSiQwqiB_t.jpg 0W6U5LB8_t.jpg OT8xtUjK_t.jpg f4mARIPC_t.jpg zbRXyLfu_t.jpg LPZz9K8X_t.jpg tVZh5kO0_t.jpg

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