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List of Italian Models?


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I'm writing/presenting a paper for my Italian Civilization class on the model industry in Italy (Milan, especially) and I'm looking for a list of male and female models that would be worth talking about, Italian designers, and anything that could be useful.

Thanks for the help.


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Off the top of my head I know

Monica Bellucci

Bianca Balti

Chiara Baschetti

Marta Maschetti

Carla Bruni

Stephanie Cavalli

Elettra Rossellini

Eva Collini

Camilla D'Alfonso

Carla Pimente

Federica Fontana

Isabeli Fontana...

This member http://www.bellazon.com/main/index.php?act...4&MID=17367 is someone who can help you with Italian models :yes: .

And here male models have their own area, you can ask here http://www.bellazon.com/main/category22/ge..._guy_discussion :) .

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Italian designers:

Valentino Garavani

Domenico Dolce&Stefano Gabbana

Donatella Versace

Roberto Cavalli

Miuccia Prada

can't think of any more now (and I just listed alive ones)

I think a BZ user, FRANCY ITALY can help you A LOT ;)

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here i am :chicken:

i'm francesca and i live in Milano.

thank you guys for tell my name!!

ok i can list the italian models the are most important and famous in the italian fashion industry (but also keep in your mind that in italy models are like ANYONE, it's not like in Brazil that models are celebrities.. here the models are known only by people in fashion field and by fans..)

and now a list of models that are worth to be mentioned because they work or worked as models in a very good level.

they still work as models

Mariacarla Boscono (28 year-old)

Bianca Balti (24 year-old)

Eva Riccobono (25 year-old)

Chiara Baschetti (21 year-old)


they used to be models and now do other things (actress /singers etc) but occasionally they work for fashion houses.

Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann (25 year-old)

Vanessa Hessler (20 year-old)

Carla Bruni (40 year-old)

Monica Bellucci (44 year-old)

Isabella Rossellini (56 year-old)

Remind that Elettra and Vanessa are half italian and half not (one parent is italian).

these are only italian models.

if you want, i can tell you very important models that have italian heritage (many brazilians etc..)

about italian designer, i'll tell you later..


2mo3wwg.jpg scc204.jpg 20v1caq.jpg 1fwguo.jpg jzej69.jpg 2nk3set.jpg 29c30uv.jpg f54ne9.jpg 23m3jox.jpg
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^ yeah and maybe gia carangi, too..

here a lost of the most important italian brands, here all of these are very very famous

Alberta Ferretti (most of the long goddess dresses on the red carpet are by her)


Dolce & Gabbana


Gianfranco Ferrè

Giorgio Armani





Roberto Cavalli



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you have no idea how helpful you guys are. <3

i found a livejournal site that offers editorials and HQ pictures from many magazines and such.

i was looking through photoshoots from the italian magazines.

i have to put together a power point presentation.

do you know of any other sites that might be helpful?


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