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Dawn Greene


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Well, I'm agree but I think it’s the problem with the most part of the models. I hardly find information about my favourites models… some interview speaking about their life, boyfriend, studies … I always searching interviews of Tiiu Kuik, Jessica Miller, Ana Beatriz Barros, Filipa Hamilton, Irina Bondarenko in my country; some times they are famous faces in the high fashion but… the magazines don’t seem interested in them. :no: :cry:

Everybody knows who is Christy and Linda but it’s the firth time I see Dawn Greene

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It's so easy to find images of Christy Turlington and Linda Evangelista, but images of Dawn Greene are next to impossible.

- Miss M

Yes, that's exactly what I think too!

I have about 1500+ fashion mags from 1980-1980, the era I consider the 80's, and I concentrate mainly in the models that nobody else (at least the great majority) posts.

It's not that I don't like some of the most famous models from that era, but to me somebody being famous/celebrity has nothing to do with who I find beautiful.

After all, I don't much know about the personality of any of the models I see. I think that unfortunately the most "personal" and interesting to most people are those whom

the media writes most about. The media writes about them, because it mainly wants to write about unusual behaviour, scandals, divorces, fights etc. How do we know if

some (most?) of the biggest supermodels are so famous just because they slept with men like for example John Casablancas...or the like?

I realize that the only thing that is beautiful to me is the beauty of those inaccessible women. I am not interested about what the media writes/has written about them, but

some basic info about them is always welcome.

Dawn is unquestionably one of those models whose ageless beauty stays in your brain long after you log off. Oh my she is hot (and smart!). I understand she went to Columbia University for undergrad and then on to Yale for grad school. Currently I believe she has her own photography business in the States. PLEASE share more pics! Thanks for starting this thread. She is a fave!

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Hi Moimeme! It was nice to read your reply :wave: :) Not so often do I get return about my threads, Thans!

I post some more, and I hope you and the others do the same.

Editorial (is it complete...can't be sure) from Vogue Deutsch March 1988 by Andre Rau:



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Well, I wouldn't typically reply... but Dawn Greene is a special case. :drool:

I believe you are correct re: those shots and the photographer. Below are some more from Rau and others from around the same time period. I love her watch work...then again.. Thanks again!

post-30062-1237585646_thumb.jpg post-30062-1237585674_thumb.jpg post-30062-1237585688_thumb.jpg post-30062-1237585704_thumb.jpg post-30062-1237585719_thumb.jpg post-30062-1237585732_thumb.jpg

WOV! Thank you so much Moimeme! :) :wave: These are all new to me, and so beautiful they are!

From what magazines are these? When I do my posts, I always want to indicate the photographer, the magazine and the year.

Andre Rau, you gave me that. which of them?

Thanks a lot again! :heart: :wave:

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There are a few more I believe I have. Will need to look for them. May take a bit.

The Watch photos are from Italian Vogue Jewelry, Nov 82, by Rau. Australia was also by Rau, Italian Vogue March of 83. The Paris shots were by Francis Taieb, from Paris Vogue October 81.

IMHO, she is one of the hottest (and smartest!) models of all time... and from what I understand, she is also (most importantly?) a down to earth and gracious femme as well. :heart: :blink:

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Found one more... This is from May, 1987. Andre Rau. Can you say stunning? Wow! :drool:

BTW, sometimes when I click on a photo, if I don't click on a link, I am taken to a site called Adult Friend Finder... what's up with this? Really cheapens the experience. Know how to opt out of this?

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Wow, SOOO great.

Guys, I have not been given ANY notice emails on all my subscribtions. Is it just me? I noticed the lack, than came to check things out when had the time, and I saw all of my fave topics updated, yet no emails to me. Is this a glitch here, or something?

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I am taken to a site called Adult Friend Finder... what's up with this?


It's possible you have picked up some kind of malware on your system. I haven't heard of that particular one, but the behavior sounds typical of malware, and when I did a Google search just now for "malware adult friend finder" I turned up several positive hits. Unfortunately, those things can be very difficult to remove, requiring multiple steps and re-boots.

But you can get free help removing malware from several Internet sites. I like Security Forums:


One of the sticky posts/READ MEs in that forum has several things you can try yourself to get started.

There are also many other forums that provide that kind of help.

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I have not been given ANY notice emails on all my subscribtions. Is it just me?

No. I have had trouble with email generated through the site (though I haven't tried for quite a while).

What I do now is bookmark the last page of the threads and put all those bookmarks in a folder. Not quite as convenient as an email, but works out okay for me.

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Thanks for the direction on the malware (though I use Safari and am not aware of any real problems with it) and I too, have not been receiving emails when my threads are updated. Will see if I can contact someone at Bellazon.

May have some more of Dawn Greene if I can find them. Check back soon.

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