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David LaChapelle

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Death By Hamburger (2001)

For the art world, the celebrated glamour photographer David LaChapelle (b. 1969) is a guilty pleasure. His sex-soaked color photos of celebrities and fashion models are just too high-key. Nothing is held back. The lily is not only gilded, but drenched in rhinestones, draped in haute couture and surrounded by the most exotic props imaginable.

It's about time. Minimalism is, like, so 40 years ago.

In addition to his photographs, the Los Angeles-based LaChapelle has made many music videos for performers ranging from Elton John to Gwen Stefani. He's published half a dozen photo books, most recently Artists & Prostitutes 1985-2005, a 688-page collection from Taschen that retails at an impressive $2,500.

(Mary Barone for artnet)

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Well, I'm just checking infos about David in wikipedia.

While writing my previous post, I wanted to mention "Can't hold us down", but I wasn't sure.

And now I know that Fighter's director wasn't David, but he directed Can't hold us down :)

Well, he made quite many music videos :blink:

Here's the list:


Penny Ford - "I'll Be There"


The Dandy Warhols - "Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth"

Space Monkeys - Sugar Cane


Kelis - "Good Stuff"

Moby - "Natural Blues"

Enrique Iglesias - "Sad Eyes" (Unreleased)


Elton John - "This Train Don't Stop There Anymore"

Mariah Carey feat. Da Brat & Ludacris - "Loverboy"


Elton John - "Original Sin"

The Vines - "Outtathaway!"

Christina Aguilera feat. Redman - "Dirrty"

Avril Lavigne - "I'm With You"


Jennifer Lopez - "I'm Glad"

Whitney Houston - "Try It on My Own"

Christina Aguilera feat. Lil' Kim - "Can't Hold Us Down"

Macy Gray - "She Ain't Right for You"

Christina Aguilera - "The Voice Within"

Blink-182 - "Feeling This"

No Doubt - "It's My Life"


The Three Bad Girls - "Like You"

Britney Spears - "Everytime"

Joss Stone - "Super Duper Love"

Norah Jones - "Those Sweet Words"

Elton John - "Answer In The Sky"

Elton John - "All That I'm Allowed"

Gwen Stefani feat. Eve - "Rich Girl"


Robbie Williams - "Advertising Space"


Hilary Duff - "Supergirl" (cancelled)

Elton John - "Someone Saved My Life Tonight"


Amy Winehouse - "Tears Dry On Their Own"

Jennifer Lopez - "Do It Well"


Sia - "The Girl You Lost To Cocaine"

Amy Winehouse - "True Coffee"

source: wikipedia

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LaChappelle also directed a very fascinating and visually remarkable film called 'Rize'

about the 'Krumping' dance scene... the story of the south central kids who dance competitively

instead of joining gangs

it's very moving and there are some AMAZING visuals

dark gorgeous bodies, covered in sweat, dancing in the L.A. basin.. blue sky overhead.....

its one of the most visually stunning scenes in film

simply gorgeous :wub:

lolol if only the L.A. sky was truly That blue :rofl:


heres a trailer for the movie.. gives you an idea of what its about :hehe:

these are my fave visuals from the movie...

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