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Is there a downside to modeling as a career?


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Obviously, you have to be disciplined with diet/exercise, & you have to spend a lot of time away from family/friends. Other than that though, a model's life sounds so glamorous. Most models don't even have to deal with that much of a loss of privacy. Only the supermodels are gossiped about, & it's not as bad as it is with the actors/singers.

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well and obviously there's a lot of competition. So you might not get any work anymore from one day to the next. The chances that you make it in a big way aren't that high i think...

And it's a tough job, not only phyisically. And like they said, you spend a lot of time in planes, waiting and stuff.

You travel a lot but you don't get to see anything of the cities.

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hmm and I think one major downside, is the toll it can take on a young girl's self-esteem. Always being judged for her looks. Some like them and some will hate them, and the agents are very blunt about it. They will tell a girl things she want to hear and the things she doesn't want to hear, they won't be shy about it.

and personally I would think a young girl being shot-down alot can be a very negative thing on a girl who is obviously still developing not only physically but mentally as well. The last thing they really want to hear is you're too short, you're to fat,you're to ugly, etc... So basically the girl has to either have a thick skin already or it makes her stronger and she develops one and keeps going.

One reason why I respect models so much is even the biggest names got shot down alot once upon a time ago but they kept going, alot of young models quit after being rejected for so long.

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