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Which pop stars share your birthday


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Have you ever done this? Go to www.thisdayinmusic.com and enter your day and month.

And it shows all the birthdays for that day. Here's mine for Jan 17th. Some good ones!

(I left the bad ones out).

1948, Born on this day, Mick Taylor, guitar, John Mayalls Bluesbreakers, joined The Rolling Stones, in 1969 left in 1974. (1971 US No.1 & UK No.2 single 'Brown Sugar'). Also worked with Bob Dylan, Mike Oldfield, Jack Bruce and Ron Wood.

1955, Born on this day, Steve Earle, US singer, songwriter, (1988 UK No. 45 single ‘Copperhead Road’, Country and independent No.1 album ‘Trancendental Blues.’ Johnny Cash, Emmylou Harris, Gretchen Peters, Shawn Colvin and Eddi Reader have all covered his songs).

1956, Born on this day, Paul Young, singer, (1983 UK No.1 single 'Wherever I Lay My Hat, That's My Home', 1985 US No.1 single 'Everytime You Go Away'. The Streetband, (1978 UK No.18 single 'Toast.' Also lead singer with 1980's Q-Tips a soul covers band.

1958, Born on this day, Jez Strode, bass, Kajagoogoo, (1983 UK No.1 single 'Too Shy').

1959, Born on this day, Susanna Hoffs, guitar vocals, The Bangles, (1986 UK No.2 single with Prince song 'Manic Monday', 1986 US No.1 single 'Walk Like An Egyptian').

1960, Born on this day, John Crawford, bass, keyboards, Berlin, (1986 UK & US No.1 single 'Take My Breath Away').

1963, Born on this day, Andy Rourke, bass, The Smiths, (1984 UK No.10 single 'Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now', plus 15 other UK Top 40 singles).

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April 6th

1937, Born on this day, Merle Haggard, US country singer, songwriter, (scored 38 US country No.1's including 'Okie From Muskogee').

1942, Born on this day, Christopher Franke, keyboards, Tangerine Dream, (1974 UK No.15 album 'Phaedra').

1944, Born on this day, John Stax, The Pretty Things, (1964 UK No.10 single 'Don't Bring Me Down').

1944, Born on this day, Michelle Gilliam, The Mamas and the Papas, (1966 US No.1 and UK No.3 single 'Monday Monday').

1965, Born on this day, Frank Black, (born Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV) guitarist, singer, Pixies, (1990 UK No.28 single 'Velouria', 1998 album Surfer Rosa). Formed Frank Black and the Catholics in 1993, Pixies reformed in 2004. Has released over 10 solo albums. :thumbsup:

1978, Born on this day, Myleene Klass, singer, Hear'Say, (2001 UK No.1 single 'Pure And Simple'). Now works as a TV presenter and model.

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March 24th

1951, Born on this day, Dougie Thompson, bass, Supertramp, (1979 US No.6 & UK No.7 single 'The Logical Song')

1960, Born on this day, Nena, singer, (1984 UK No.1 & US No.2 single '99 Red Balloons').

1970, Born on this day, Mase, De La Soul, (1990 UK No.7 single 'The Magic Number').

1970, Born on this day, Sharon Corr, vocals, violin, The Corrs, (1998 UK No.3 single 'What Can I Do'. 'Talk On Corners' was the best selling UK album of 1998 spending 142 weeks on the UK chart).

1970, Born on this day, Pasemaster Mace, De La Soul, (1990 UK No.7 single 'The Magic Number').

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July 9th

1925, Born on this day, Alan Dale, US singer. Had his own TV & radio show during the 50's. 1955 US No.7 single 'Cheery Pink and Apple Blossom White'. Dale died on 20th April 2002.

1929, Born on this day, Lee Hazlewood, US male singer, (1967 US No.14 & UK No. 11 single 'Jackson', 1971 UK No.2 single with Nancy Sinatra). Wrote the Nancy Sinatra hit, 'These Boots Are Made for Walkin.' Died of cancer on 4th Aug 2007 at his home near Las Vegas aged 78.

1941, Born on this day, Don McPherson, Main Ingredient, (1974 US No.10 & UK No.27 single 'Just Don't Want To Be Lonely'). He died on 4th July 1971.

1946, Born on this day, Bon Scott, vocals, AC/DC, (1980 UK No.36 single 'Whole Lotta Rosie' and 1980 UK No.1 & US No.14 album 'Back in Black' sold over 10 million copies). Scott was found dead in the backseat of a friend's car on 20th February 1980. The coroner's report stated he had 'drunk himself to death'.


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DEC 17

(the ones i've kinda heard of :p)

1962, Born on this day, Sarah Dallen, singer Bananarama, (1984 UK No.3 single 'Robert De Niro's Waiting', plus over 20 other UK Top 40 singles, 1986 US No.1 single 'Venus').

1978, Born on this day, Neil Christopher, drummer, Three Days Grace.

1970, Born on this day, DJ Homicide, Sugar Ray, (1999 UK No. 10 single 'Every Morning').

:D 1958, Born on this day, Mike Mills, bass, R.E.M. (1991 UK No.6 & US No.10 single 'Shiny Happy People', plus over 20 Top 40 UK singles, 1992 UK No.1 & US No.2 album 'Automatic For The People').

1950, Born on this day, Carlton Barrett, The Wailers, (1983 UK No.4 single with Bob Marley, Buffalo Soldier', plus 10 other UK Top 40 singles). Barrett was shot dead outside his home on 17th April 1987.

1943, Born on this day, David Dee, Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich, (1968 UK No.1 single 'Legend Of Xanadu').

1939, Born on this day, Eddie Kendricks, vocals, The Temptations, (1971 US No.1 & UK No.8 single 'Just My Imagination' and re- issued 'My Girl' UK No.2 in 1992, solo US No.1 & UK No.18 single 'Keep On Truckin'). Died on 5th October 1992.

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November 26 

1925, Born on this day, Michael Holliday, singer, 1958 UK No.1 'The Story Of My Life'. The song gave the writers Bacharach and David their first UK No.1 hit. Holliday died on 29th Oct 1963

1939, Born on this day, Tina Turner, (Annie Mae Bullock), Ike & Tina Turner, (1966 UK No.3 single 'River Deep Mountain High', 1971 US No.4 single 'Proud Mary'), solo, (1984 UK No.3 and US No.1 single 'What's Love Got To Do With It', plus over 25 other UK Top 40 singles).

1944, Born on this day, Jean Terrell, vocals, The Supremes joined in 1969. (1970 US No.10 & UK No.6 single 'Up The Ladder To The Roof').

1944, Born on this day, Alan Henderson, Them, (1965 UK No.2 & US No.24 single 'Here Comes The Night').

1945, Born on this day, John McVie, Fleetwood Mac, 1987 UK No.5 single 'Little Lies', and 1977 US No.1 single 'Dreams', from worldwide No.1 album Rumours.

1946, Born on this day, Burt Reiter, bass, Focus, (1973 UK No.4 single 'Sylvia', 1973 US No.9 single 'Hocus Pocus').

1948, Born on this day, John Rossall, The Glitter Band, (1974 UK No.4 single 'Angel Face').

1949, Born on this day, Martin Lee, Brotherhood Of Man, (1976 UK No.1 single 'Save Your Kisses For Me').

1964, Born on this day, Adam Gaynor, guitar, Matchbox 20, (1998 UK No.38 single 'Push', 2000 US No.1 single 'Bent').

1966, Mark Gillespie, Big Fun, (1989 UK No.4 single 'Blame It On The Boogie').

1967, Born on this day, John Stirratt, bass, songwriter, Wilco, (2004 album 'A Ghost Is Born').

1970, Born on this day, Ron Jones, guitar, Flaming Lips, (2002 UK No. 32 single ‘Do You Realize’).

1981, Born on this day, Natash Bedingfield, singer, (2004 UK No.1 single 'These Words').

1984, Born on this day, Benjamin Wysocki, drummer, The Fray. 2009 US No.1 self titled album.

1990, Born on this day, British singer-songwriter and actress, Rita Ora. Her debut studio album Ora (2012) debuted at No.1 in the UK, and spawned the No.1 singles 'R.I.P.' and 'How We Do (Party)'.

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