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I think androgyny is really an interesting topic in photography. Playing with genders, the mergence of the male and female body. And still, the women can look incredibly sexy :brows:

I'm really looking forward to see your pictures.

Let me start with Heidi:


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penny wants you to post whatever you want!!

lolol im talking about myself in the 3rd person

and layla.... u know i adore you.. but grace jones====

once you get past the hair and the feeling that she might

kick your ass :rofl: has one of the most classically beautiful

faces that the modelling world has ever seen

just old folks like me remember when she was popular :pinch:

grace really paved the way for the androgynous look/lifestyle

edit--i found a good pic to post



Reeyo!!!! this is such a cool idea for a thread

layla and you are on the ball today!!!!!!

irenistiq is gonna LOVE this thread!!!

ill post some stuff either tonight or tomorrow

i just spent 4 hours scanning, im tired ZZzZzzZZZzzzZZZzZZzz


for the kick ass thread

right on to the holy trinity, M<ichelabella!!! ~crosses self~ lololol

those pics of christy with the mustache and the smirk always

turn me on for some reason :rofl:

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