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Daniela Ghione

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Now, I just have to start this thread for Daniela Ghione. She is so unknown to most people, although I KNOW that everybody, who has any interest at fashion of the early 90's and the 80's has seen

her pictures..they appeared in every good fashion magazines.

Some of my scans (just a fraction, and not att all the ones that I like the most), hopefully you recognize her and shere us with your pictures. The info, as always in my scans, is in the filenames:

th_21918_VogMar87pg164_122_708lo.jpg th_21912_ElleMar86pg86ArthurElgort_Genny_122_1118lo.jpg th_21903_VogAug84pg311ArthurElgort_GoForTheTop_122_826lo.jpg th_21538_DonnaDec86Jan87pg322SofiaRiva_TopModelUnaDonnaSecondoSoprani_122_769lo.

th_58613_VogSep86pg259ArthurElgort_AnneKlein_122_386lo.jpg th_93624_VogUkFeb89pg55_LouisFeraud_122_457lo.jpg th_93616_VogItSep84pg399BertStern_RomaAltaModaValentino_122_437lo.jpg

th_93547_LineaItMar82_MilaSchon_03_122_570lo.jpg th_92885_VogItApr82_1pg242_AlbertaFerretti_122_338lo.jpg th_92879_VogGerAug91_DonnaKaran_122_315lo.jpg

th_92863_VogFeb85pg161_AnneKleinFootwear_122_406lo.jpg th_92855_VogFeb85pg160_AnneKlein_DonnaKaran_LouisDell__Olio_122_589lo.jpg th_92828_BazSep86pg93ArthurElgort_Genny_122_407lo.jpg

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Thanks Korrovai and penny ! :)

I have hundreds of scans of Daniela. I am so fascinated in her classic beauty !

But, I wouldn't compare her and Erin O'Conner in any other way than that they

both have strong features. Daniela's strong features are simple incomparable!

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Thanks Dayrell!

Most of my Daniela Covers, some repetition of what is already here. I have 3-4 more..where are they?

Info in the filenames, the SpiegelApart92 means Spiegel Apart Catalog 1992:





Some of them are totally new for me! The Cosmopolitan one is great! Thanks Fash! :wave: :wave: :wave:

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