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Arlenis Sosa Pena


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Birthday: 1989

Born in: Dominican Republic

Lives now: New York, NY

Agencies: Marilyn Agency

Known for: My eyes, my cheekbones

Status: Newcomer



Born in Dominican Republic

Mar 2008

Walks into Marilyn Agency and signs with them on the spot

Apr 2008

Two weeks later, books editorials for Vogue and Italian Vogue

Apr 2008

Debuts on the runway for the holiday Banana Republic show in New York

May 2008

Walks the resort Christian Dior show in New York


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apena_08_test2.jpg apena_08_test3.jpg apena_08_head2.jpg
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great find, layla

she is stunning. awesome to see her doing such important runway shows

she must be making a good inpression on the industry

Thank you :)

Have you heard that she's gonna be in this Vogue Italia "black" issue and also in US Vogue? These are rumours, but maybe will turn into reality :)

and Madame-I don't know how tall Arlenis Sosa Pena is.

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Pic of Arlenis from MET Ball, posted at tfs by fer19dog:


with Michael Kors and Kristin Davis


with Djimon Honsou


with Caroline Trentini

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Duh, still one page only?? :|

there was a rumour that Arlenis got Lancome contract. I think it's not confirmed yet, but if it was true, then...whoa :| still, with or without this contract, her career is unbelievable.

Interview August 2008:

Beyond Bling

Photographer : Jason Kibbler

Fashion Editor : Sarah Ellison

scanned by Dieselmax at tfs


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Pics posted by kahlilg at tfs:





and some extra info from fer19dog:

Aww I love those pictures they're so cute the guy in the picture is Rene Rodriquez a Dominican model who was also discovered by the same designer that discovered Arlenis Luis Minieur. He is signed with Request and just like her she is doing very well in such short amount of time, he walked the past NYFW.

Please textlink instead of hotlinking images. Thanks! ~post edited by PinkCouture

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posted by fer19dog at tfs:

This interview is from a Dominican newspaper that interviewed Arlenis a week ago, when she went home to visit. I translated it from Spanish to English so I hope it all makes sense, I tried my best to translate the meaning of her words as best as possible. I loved this interview it shows that she is no just a beautiful on the outside but also on the inside and she is very mature at her young age, enjoy.

Sat July 19, 2008

Li Misol

Arlenis Sosa the new future of modeling

Santo Domingo- Elegance, simplicity and charisma are some of the qualities that describe the sculptural figure of Arlenis Sosa, the 19 years old beauty who has made history as the first Dominican model to ever pose for seven editorials of Vogue, in its US and Italian version. Arlenis is currently in her native country and last Thursday she had an interview with the local press. To this event she arrived with no one bit of make up that could take away her fresh, natural beauty, wearing a flowy animal print dress. The new it girl of the fashion industry is currently at #48 on models.com top 50 female models.

Her achievements:

Her most significant achievements have been posing for editorial in prestigious magazines such as US Vogue, Vogue Italia, Harper’s Bazaar, ID Magazine, Interview, W, Path and French. She has also walked for prestigious designers such as Oscar de la Renta, Narciso Rodriquez, Carolina Herrera, Emmanuel Ungaro, Christian Dior and others. She is the image of H&M and Gap stores.

She has been able to achieve this in barely 2 months after signing with the modeling agency Marylin. Which has launched the careers of very successful models like Carla Bruni, Kate Moss, Karen Mulder, Stela Tenant, Irina Lazareau and the Brazilian Caroline Trentini?

How she was discovered:

The fashion designer Luis Menieur discovered Arlenis Sosa walking the Malecon Avenue and immediately signed her to his agency Menieur Model Management and later launched her internationally. Arlenis is the 4th Dominican model that has been internationalized by the designer in less than four months.

“What caught my attention the first time I saw her was her height and slender body. I knew she had potential when she first posed for the cameras, she could transform herself with every hair style and outfit and was very natural with the cameras”. Recalls Menieur who manages Arlenis' career together with Peter Cedeno.

“I always wanted to have money, not just to have it, but to help others”

“I am immensely happy and it is a great pleasure to be at home with my friends, and family who have been very supportive”. She expressed herself in the interview with the press. She confesses that she is very proud of what she has achieved and is still chocked with her new life.

As incredible as it sounds the ebano beauty never saw potential in herself for modeling. “I never felt like I had the look, but my family always did, but I always said that it wasn’t my thing until I met Luis Menieur” She says between laughs. Now modeling is part of her life although she can’t still believe what she has achieved in such short amount of time. She reveals that what she has achieved has helped her believe in herself “I used to be very shy” she says.

The Job

Arlenis in such short amount of time has gained fame and fortune, but she has a firm opinion that people change at their will “money can’t change your soul or corrupt who you really are”.

Another aspect of the fashion industry that Arlenis discusses is the competition in the business, which usually comes with jealousy, envy and betrayal. My experience so far has been very good she assures, everyone has been incredibly supportive towards her and all the doors have open up.

“I get along with everyone the make up people, stylists, hair stylists, designers and fellow models. I never thought I would be working with people like Isabelly Fontana for example, it has really been a great experience and I haven’t felt any envy or jealousy.

On her plans

The young will be shooting an editorial for the Russian version of Vogue next week, but we wanted to know what other plans does Arlenis Sosa have? “I have lots of dreams, but most importantly bigger dreams for my country I have opened a foundation to help with the good health and education of the children of my country”.

The “Arlenis Foundation” will help children with diabetes and HIV/AIDs together with the Nazareno church which she belongs to. They will also be donating school supplies to children. With this gesture she has become the first model to open a foundation at the beginning of her career, donating some of her earnings to the least favorable.

“I don’t just look for money in what I do, I always wanted to have money, not just to have it but to help others and it’s something that has always been clear in my mind”. Admits Sosa who adds that within her plans is also to help her family and help with her brother’s college education. Although she can’t finish her studies at the moment, she plans to in the later future, but she is undecided if she will still go for social communications or somewhere along with her new career.

Arlenis up close

What has been the most difficult thing in your young career?

Nothing has been really difficult so far. It shouldn’t be if you give it your attention and all you’ve got. Everything has been very different, working with people I never thought I would be working with. I have taken my time to learn the ropes and I discovered that you have to be a very discipline person and give it your all. If something has been really difficult it would be being away from my family.

How is your work schedule?

Is extremely fast, I never thought I would be living this kind of life. I wake up really early everyday and spend the day between photo shoots, sometimes spending 10-12 hours a day in front of the camera. The last few months have been of sleeping very little and working a lot.

How was your life before all this?

Very different, I wasn’t really involved in the industry. My dedication was to finish my career in social communications. I never thought I would be doing this.

What does Arlenis like to do in her free time?

I like to read books, mainly history and romance (laughs). I also enjoy going to the movies.

Source: ListinDiario.com.do

Translated by me

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