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Anna Chakvetadze

The Enigmatist

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Anna Chakvetadze

Residence - Moscow, Russia

Date of Birth - March 5, 1987

Birthplace - Moscow, Russia

Height - 5' 7" (1.70 m)

Weight - 128 lbs. (58 kg)

Plays - Right-handed (two-handed backhand)

Status - Pro (2003)

She began playing at the age of 8 after being introduced to the sport by her mother.

Favors grass courts.

When travelling for tournaments, she travels with her father.

Mother is a homemaker; brother, Roman, is 11 years her junior.

Attends Moscow University. Speaks Russian and English.

Favorites include detective novels, all types of music, roses, white and black and the movie Troy.

Other sport interest is in soccer.

Relaxes by spending time with friends.

Considers herself ambitious.

Pet peeve is "mean people".

Wants to be in the Top 5 within three years.

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wow...i think she has sometimes good game....but she annoys me pretty much everytime i watch her...with her crying moods ;)

however..she is ok..but i must agree sometimes she looks cute...rare,but still she does :)

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i've never seen her play

does anyone know if she was invited to wimbeldon this year?

yes, she was..she lost in the first round against german sabine lisicki..

she was a top 10 player some years ago..have some problems..and now she is back..I like her..thanks for the pics.

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