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Wendell Lissimore


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I can't believe there's no Wendell thread! This guy unbelieeeeeeeeeeeevably sexy (*as you all will see shortly ...*) and he's skyrocketing to the top. he did runway shows in Paris and Milan and London and New York last season ... he's been in GQ UK and V Magazine and in campaigns in Korea and stateside. here are some hot pics.

i don't know his "stats". .. i'm sure someone can find them in a minute. he's represented by RED Models in NYC










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don't like

what the hell is the point of saying that? its not contributing to the discussion since you never say why and no one cares O_O

:laugh: way to go, azure!!! btw, happy, I LOVE THIS WENDELL!!!! i can't wait until u post more!! u are right, he HAS skyrocketed to the top with that great season!!! he has many more years, possibly decades, to come!! Thanks for starting his thread!!!

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are y'all SERIOUS????

honestly, i have been away for a day and i expected to come back to about 25 posts of people being as IN AWE of this guys incredible beauty as i am! unbelievable! glad to see you understand, azure.

*sigh* i know that feeling well.. :whistle:

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