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Yulia Kolyasnikova


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Polaroids from models.com

post-33620-0-1446025389-07975_thumb.jpg th_77042b62863403.gif/monthly_02_2010/post-33620-0-1446025389-08615_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="2919480" alt="post-33620-0-1446025389-08615_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="122.83"> post-33620-0-1446025389-09636_thumb.jpg





Place of Origin:


Ethnic Origin:




How discovered:

spotted in a local fashion show

Favorite things:

bags, tall shoes – ‘higher the better’, loves fast car

Favorite music, band:

Club Music ‘Moscow never ships’ DJ Smash


swimming, running and watching films

Favorite piece of clothing:

Iceberg + anything by Celine

Favorite artist (any kind):

Leonardo, Mark Levi,

Place you'd love to visit:

Maldives Currently you're obsessed with/about: Travelling and Philadelphia Cheese

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Desert Fox

Twisted Joshua trees and the desert’s shimmering sands set the stage for copper-flecked spring makeup layered with glistening jewels

Photographer: Raquel Olivo, raquelolivo.com.

Makeup: Johny Saade, johnysaade.com.

Hair stylist: Sienree, sienree.com.

Manicurist: Tracey Sutter, cloutierremix.com.

Stylist: Arturo D. Chavez, arturodchavez.com.

Model: Keats, PhotoGenics.

Location: Joshua Tree National Park, California

post-35117-0-1446025393-1178_thumb.jpg post-35117-0-1446025394-60115_thumb.jpg post-35117-0-1446025397-93657_thumb.jpg post-35117-0-1446025398-411_thumb.jpg post-35117-0-1446025398-5523_thumb.jpg post-35117-0-1446025398-61218_thumb.jpg post-35117-0-1446025398-65433_thumb.jpg post-35117-0-1446025398-85583_thumb.jpg post-35117-0-1446025398-92238_thumb.jpg post-35117-0-1446025398-96739_thumb.jpg post-35117-0-1446025398-99469_thumb.jpg post-35117-0-1446025399-01652_thumb.jpg post-35117-0-1446025399-03133_thumb.jpg post-35117-0-1446025399-08696_thumb.jpg

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