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I have a few I need to talk about


Maleficent (2014)

I had high hopes for this movie, because based off the trailers and the posters it looked beautiful, and it did, there was the most wonderful CGI and it looked like a perfect fairytale dreamland, however the plot let me down a lot. I don't like seeing Maleficent as some sweet person, she's literally one of the most evil villains Disney has, and she wanted to kill Aurora yet now she saves her? No, no no no, you are literally killing the villain I was petrified of when I was a child, especially in dragon form. Sigh. I give it a 4/10


Prince of Egypt (1998)

I've always wanted to see this film, and I think it was a very good one. Nice solid animation and a good telling of Exodus, and I really enjoyed the soundtrack. This GIF from a part of the film always makes me laugh though




Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) 

Like Maleficent I had high hopes for this one, and I think it was quite good, not as good as I was lead to believe because everybody I knew went "ermahgurd! Watch GOTG! ser gerd!", but maybe it's just because some bits had things I weren't expecting to happen. Also, Groot is basically the most lovable thing ever, and I would gladly annihilate Ronan since he pisses me off. I forgot to say but the beginning nearly had me cry. Nice. 8/10


Gone Girl (2014) 

Everyone was hyping this film so I thought I'd go watch it. Thought the beginning went a little too slow and I began getting confused at the diary cutscenes, but overall this movie is guaranteed to make you WTF at what the gal does. I quite liked the sister in the film, she seemed like a cool character. 7/10

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Quite a unique film. For some reason I felt like it was marketed as some kind of thriller like he's on the road with calls and it's all leading to some big pay off. Like a Speed/Phone Booth type movie. It is nothing like that. It is him driving in a car for 90 minutes on his way to London due to one call that changes his whole life. And because of that I loved it. So different, very stylistic, wonderfully shot and Tom Hardy is amazing. He is such a talented actor. The whole film is just on him and he shows how good he is. 8/10

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Horrible Bosses 2...

How it was?Did you enjoy it?I%20dont%20know.gif 

Baby's day out(1994)

I saw it for the second time after years,may be is a bit old (20 years ago)but i enjoy every time i see this movie:heart:  :heart:  :heart:  :heart: 

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Horrible Bosses 2...

How it was?Did you enjoy it?I%20dont%20know.gif 


It was actually funny :D Funnier than the first one in my opinion :)


Finally. Someone who's seen it! I better hurry up now, it's almost gone around here.



"Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas"


Sucked. Turned it off after 15 minutes and watched...


"Where The Buffalo Roam"


Same basic story, better cast (to me).

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I've watched quite a few films recently

Scream (all four): the first is still my favorite. I also lke the second but 3 and 4 are rather disappointing for me.


Shutter Island I had already read the book so I knew what was going to happen. But I liked the storytelling.


Mean Girls 1 and 2 : the first is just classic and is very funny. The second is a little too moralizing for my taste.


12 Monkeys great film with a pretty creepy atmosphere.


The manchurian candidate 2004 : nice film but requires a lot of suspension of disbelief

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I watched a few too ok here I go.

Now the first one was with a group of friends as a joke to see why it's so bad.

The Room

The most funniest piece of shit movie I have ever seen. No wonder this has a cult following because it is so bad. It's taken me forever to actually sit and watch this but my friends and I died from laughter. It's so terrible. I recommend everyone watch it for the laughs. 0/10

Midnight in Paris

I'm a big fan of Woody Allen's work and it took me ages to see this one but it was magnificent. Woody Allen makes cities of the world look much more breathtaking than they already are. I love his characters, I love the gorgeousness of the cities he films in. And midnight was no different. Paris is so amazing and night and I was transported on a wonderful journey with the lead character. 9/10


This was a movie I was so excited to see. And it met my expectations. What an interesting movie. Such a unique look at a end of the world situation. I loved the idea of the only survivors in the world all on one train. Very good. Chris Evans was amazing. The action and soundtrack were so good. I was underwhelmed with the ending but it was a good intense flick. 7.5/10

I'm about to go watch The Imitation Game and Into the Woods at the cinemas now. Will be back with reviews. I love the award seasons. The movies are always top notch.

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Got back from the movies. Here's my reviews for the movie double I did.

The Imitation Game

Wonderful film about Alan Turing and cracking the enigma code. Benedict was brilliant in the lead role. He has a very big chance at winning the Globe and getting nominated for an Oscar. He played the character so well with so much depth. I was hooked from beginning to end. The characters were all well fleshed out. Keira was wonderful. A great movie. 9/10

Into the Woods

I'm a big fan of Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt and Chris Pine so I was looking forward to it. I found it a bit stupid. There was some really funny bits particularly Chris Pine as Prince Charming and Johnny Depp as the Wolf. But overall it felt kind of dull. The music and lyrics were extremely repetitive and musicals usually make you want to sing the songs after and the songs are memorable but they weren't. It was funny though. So the comedy was good. 6/10

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