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  1. This is actually Jessica Serfaty (Ph Jordan Keith), not Alexis.
  2. Alexis and Jay's Collaboration with good hYOUman (I don't think believe is a repost)
  3. She is absolutely incredible and always amazes me. Thanks for the adds!
  4. (Instagram) @elizabethsulcer: "Shooting the gorgeous @stellamaxwell with @michaelbay styling @elizabethsulcer makeup @fulviafarolfi hair @italogregorio #michaelbay #somethingbigiscoming #victoriassecret"
  5. Thanks for the adds! She looks amazing, as always.
  6. @stellamaxwell "Today .... @willdavidsonphoto @tracydeleu @anariz1 @benoitmoeyaert @victoriassecret"
  7. Thanks Michelle! Beyond belief, (as always)!!!
  8. Which ones?Mainly the final shot for this shot, unless I missed it being released. http://instagram.com/p/ufhVT7w-WI/ http://instagram.com/p/ugLj2vlY8o/
  9. Agreed that this is incredible work from David Bellemere. I'm really excited to see the other official images that were teased on Instagram from him around the same time. Thanks Michelle!
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