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Thongs sticking out


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do men really find it hot? I just wonder.

It does the exact opposite for me.

It's the same as writing "SLUT" on your forehead. Same same, no difference.

.....But only when when a woman does it for the purpose of getting attention. If she's got her g-banger showing accidentally, then that can turn into a very akward and funny situation :laugh:

But most of the time, I find it extremely tacky :yuckky:

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I think that thongs sticking out look disgusting....do men really find it hot? I just wonder.

To a large degree i totally agree with you. I also find it a turn off when girls show off there thongs like that. Well esp to the extent as shown above. I do however find it sexy when it's done with innocence,(if there is such a thing :p) ie when a girl bends over or gets her body into any other position to revel her thong but again i must point out i only find it sexy when u see just the straps(or whatever there called haha ) rather then the whole throng... It's the tease that i find sexy..that gets my attention hehe :hehe:

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