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Leonardo DiCaprio - (Please Read First Post Prior to Posting)

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And talking about Wolf soundtrack, I desperately need to know what is the song that plays when Leo is dancing on the wedding scene? Someone know? :idk:

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Thanks Ox and LeoLover and welcome KatherinePierce! That has me curious too as to weather he got the nom for Wolf getting nominated too.....does anybody know when we'll find out if Leo also got the Oscar nom for that? So it was Red Granite and Appian Way who collaborated..... I know right away everybody was talking about Brad Pitt having the nom for 12 years a Slave, but it was just his production company so it was easy to figure out correct?

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There was so much excitement at the Critics' Choice Awards in LA on Thursday night, but the fun didn't end there. Winner Leonardo DiCaprio headed to Adoteca Restaurant in Brentwood with Harvey Weinstein, Bradley Cooper, and Bradley's casually dressed girlfriend, Suki Waterhouse, for a post-award-show dinner.





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Tks for all the pix from CC awards :flower:

I wonder who the older couple is that we see with Leo , as well as, the two older men who seemed pleased to meet him

Below is the Juliette Lewis pix without watermark


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That Oprah and Leo encounter was the best! :heart: Though I wish he could have finished what he was saying about his Oscar nomination... Oprah interrupted that. :hehe:

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An interview Leo gave while in UK , the reporter who interviewed him ,also, interviewed back in 1993 when he did TBL

I realized looking at the Wolf pix they included below in the article, that even though we saw this same still before the movie was released, that the scene was not included in the final cut

Life’s not all about money, says Wolf Of Wall Street star Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio’s own moral compass is a far cry from the fraudster he plays in his new film.

Money is something people can easily be obsessed with,’ says Leonardo DiCaprio, reflecting on the nature of avarice during a rare interview. ‘But I don’t believe money makes people happy – at all.’

By comparison, Jordan Belfort, the corrupt, real-life stockbroker he plays in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf Of Wall Street, believes there is no better route to happiness than getting rich. Seriously rich. He defrauds investors to make insane amounts of money, indulging in a hedonistic and misogynistic lifestyle, complete with mansions, a massive yacht, prostitutes and the obligatory, beautiful trophy wife.

‘It’s like Caligula in the late 1980s and early 1990s,’ suggests DiCaprio, ‘an unregulated time period in the world of finance, when this guy could live the life of a Roman emperor. He was also a sex and drug addict and, in the face of the FBI cracking down on him on a consistent basis, that pushed him even further.’

The charismatic actor, 39, is bearded, handsome and broad-shouldered, wearing jeans, a checked shirt and blazer with suede elbow patches when we meet in Los Angeles. Famously private, he won’t discuss his personal life – though has been involved with various supermodels including Gisele Bündchen and Bar Refaeli, and has lately been spotted looking loved-up with another model, Toni Garrn. But he is unusually open on the subject of excess.

‘I have seen people in my life like that [belfort]. Everything has this concentric circle back to wealth, and you notice that they don’t have a foundation in other areas of their life,’ he says. ‘They’re not happy with what they have. It’s an addiction.

‘I think everybody has an attraction to money but you have to have a moral epicentre and deem other things more valuable than that. I think that greed is inherently something that is in the human being. It is fundamental towards survival but it’s up to us as the human race with developed minds to make moral decisions, and not to take advantage of anyone.’

After winning a best actor Globe for his portrayal of Belfort, DiCaprio is a strong contender to score that elusive Oscar – the role has just earned him his fourth Oscar nomination. He is electrifying as Belfort who, according to his own memoirs, held midget-tossing competitions and orgies on expenses while strung out on cocaine and downers such as Quaaludes.

‘These are the guys that watched the movie Wall Street [Oliver Stone’s 1987 film] and wanted to be like Gordon Gekko and had no moral integrity whatsoever and just said: “Let’s get rich and let’s play with the system,”’ says DiCaprio.

DiCaprio’s phenomenal career has included four previous collaborations with Scorsese: Gangs Of New York, The Aviator, Shutter Island and The Departed. ‘Dare I say… I don’t think Marty has had a better time making a movie than this, I’ve never seen him smile as much,’ says DiCaprio of his friend.

Like last year’s Baz Luhrmann adaptation of The Great Gatsby, which DiCaprio also starred in, The Wolf Of Wall Street examines the hollow rewards of hedonism. Unlike DiCaprio’s tragic Jay Gatsby, however, Jordan Belfort’s sole pleasures are derived from wealth.

‘I hope people understand that we’re not condoning this behaviour, we’re indicting it,’ says DiCaprio, responding to growing media criticism that the ‘very dark comedy’ glorifies Belfort’s lifestyle.

To DiCaprio, the story is relevant because it’s a microcosm of a much bigger story. ‘Jordan Belfort is a minnow in a pool of gigantic whales that have been systematically robbing the American people of money. How many CEOs have gotten gigantic bumps in their salary and have done very little jail time? It’s like the underworld.’

In real life, Belfort was indicted in 1998, spent just under two years in prison and is now a motivational speaker. ‘He’s a reformed man and he talks about this time period in his life where he was absolutely out of his mind,’ says DiCaprio.

Has the actor encountered the kind of excess depicted in the film? ‘I have never seen anything like this,’ he laughs. Does he have a stockbroker? ‘I do. I have no idea what he invests in.’

DiCaprio is thoughtful, philosophical and a committed environmentalist. ‘I’m equally as passionate about the environment as I am as an artist,’ he says, revealing that as a teenager he considered a career ‘as a biologist or something in environmental sciences’.

Without his ecological interests, the actor says: ‘I wouldn’t be a fulfilled person. Only two per cent of philanthropy goes towards protecting our environment and that’s pretty outrageous, considering it is our life support system.’

Work remains a passion: DiCaprio is clearly as driven as he was at the start of his career, when I interviewed him for This Boy’s Life in 1993.

‘That craving never leaves you,’ he says. ‘Whatever anyone thinks about me as an actor doesn’t matter. I look back at myself at 15 years old and the choices that I made, I’m pretty proud of myself. The truth is, my attitude about what I do has never changed.’




Tks for Critic Choice vid & L.A.Art show tweets :)

I could well imagine Leo sleeping to right up before the ceremony , whereas, all the women were busy all day getting ready :p


Tks for vid :)

They've been asking Leo about turning 40 since he turned 38 :p


Tks for vid & more CC candids :)

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In regards to the CC pics that Barbie posted.. I adore his side profile. :heart:

In regards to the article Oxford posted... Would be nice to see this 1993 interview that he spoke of...

Thanks all :flower:

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These are more pix from the dinner last week at Madeo that Leo went to with Marty We saw earlier this week some pap pix last week of Leo driving the car , but you couldn't see his face as well.

Would be great if we could find larger versions





Yes, I would like to read Leo's interview with same reporter from 1993 :)

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