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Best and Worst Song By The Artist Above

Joe > Average

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Just a little music game. Even the best of artists may have a couple songs that are...questionable :) . You might even say they're pretty bad. You might even like them because they're bad. They might even be so bad that they're kinda funny, so you really kinda like them :laugh: Or they might just be plain bad and catchy so you can't stop humming them! :war:




1. The person above names an artist and you say what you think is their best and worst song that you know of.

2. You can comment on any of the above names, but you have to answer the one directly above :mellow: , but this is not a haven for bashing artists so if you don't like any of their work, just don't answer :cain:

3. If you don't have an answer for any reason, but just want to say something, random off the wall chatter is also welcome :yes: .


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:cain: i thought it was about artists from SONY BMG :laugh: . . . . .

Simple Plan. . .

Best Song: I'm Just A Kid

Worst Song: PerfeQt

On best song: it is one of the songs that brought mah bestfriends and i Qloser together, we had fun together and always rocking out when we heard this. :laugh:

On worst song: Yeah, aQtually, it's really Qool, but the lyriQs hits this place in mah body, mah feelings, Qalled mah heart. :yuckky: i enjoy playing this song on the guitar, fer sure.

The Next Artist:


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I had to look them up... I knew I knew songs of theirs... some old stuff..

Maneater... is the best in an annoying way.

I kind of like

Out of Touch

and Family Man... is the worst

Let's stay with older but not that old...

How about Avrile Lavinge?

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Best: "Please Don't Stop The Music"

Worst: "Umbrella" :yuckky:

Red Hot Chili Peppers :whistle:

Hey Destiny, I agree with your choices!

About RHCP.....

The best: "Under the bridge"

The worst: I don't know, but I find "Desecration smile" rather boring, so....

Christina Aguilera

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