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29 minutes ago, crista said:

how can I download this video?:dontgetit:

That webite is a pain in the ass, even some very powerful video capture software can't get the video.


I managed to get it with the Friefox add-on Easy Video Downloader, but this way you have to first let the video play from the beginning to the end on the browser page, then use the said add-on that will show 40+ download links for that page of very short .ts videos, of like less then 10 seconds each (those are the split parts composing the video). Downloaded them with Easy Video Downloader, you have to "glue" them togheter to have only one complete video with another program; there are tons of video editing programs that can do it, personally I used the very easy and free Freemake Video Converter that can unite the 40+ pieces togheter and save them as a unique .mp4 file, but you can choose waht you prefer for this. It's not hard at all, just a bit annoying because you have to play all the video in the browser or the Firefox add-on won't "see" all the 40+ clips composing it, then downloading and edit them togheter.


At the end however the quality is very low because the original video uploaded by Olympic Channel is shit quality, like less then 480p, it seems they recorded it with a toaster...


I will try to upload the complete downloaded version I have here but idk if BZ will allow me, this forum has eternal uploading times and sometimes it doesn't let you upload big videos at all after the last update.

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