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    A free swim suit,you think someone worth 100 million and has 16 million IG followers cares about a swimsuit?.It is not even jewelry or something.Those followers mean a lot of $$$ for companies that are looking for more exposure.The shipping costs mean absolutely 0 for that company compared to what they will get back.That is how it works with annyone with that manny followers.Before they send anything to the celeb,they talk to her or her agent so she can get paid for sharing it or know she is doing it for a friend or maybe a future campaign.Multimillionaires don't do this for free for companies just because it is in their mail.Why do you think when celebs share pictures of them going out but no company being tagged or with them in a bikini but no tag?because they know it would be free advertisement.Even if lilly or jourdan sent it ,they didn't send it from their house,they talk to the company or the company asks them to get more exposure for them ,usually ask another famous friend to share their stuff and the company will send it to them from their shipping address.You can look up her IG ,i remember a small clothing or jewelry company asking if they can send some of their stuff to her,and she responded with "PM me".All this says to me she was not given any heads up about this and maybe getting paid to do it.it doesn't matter if she knows the brand of not,or the models in it,all those models don't own the company,they just work for a campaign and then their gone.How would she otherwise share that random ass company's shirt and tag them next and not know solid & striped?Because she knew she would receive that.And if you look it up she shares the letters she received sometimes.She should not have shared anything IMO in this case.
  2. General Discussion

    Do you all have selective reading?she says very clearly "no letter".She doesn't know who sent it.Whoever sends her these things (usually companies)they do it so she can show it on IG to her followers,most celebs receive payment to do it and act surprised when they see the gifts .It is on them to make sure she knows who is sending these things or contact her agent beforehand.Whoever send it ,probably forgot about the letter and didn't even contact her agent.Celebs are paid to show those things,they don't do it for free unless it is for a friend or something,which in this case she obviously doesn't know.She shouldn't have even posted anything if this is the case,they gave them free advertising
  3. General Discussion

    Think she removed a picture with her and metin when they were kissing,in which there was a hippie minivan in the background.
  4. General Discussion

    Proud that she said something about this issue.Most celebs won't ever talk about it because they fear it would damage their brand.Hope she will get better soon.
  5. Candids

  6. Candids

    Her ig stories
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    +1 28118532_167599520533870_6077632167598904571_n.mp4
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    Her IG stories 28122341_337780556628896_7123312421874167156_n.mp4
  9. General Discussion

    She commented: adrianalima Thank you. I will be looking 👀
  10. Motion

    Adriana IG story:talking about Lais,probably because they will meet at the carnival 1711273016295792324_301763305.mp4
  11. News

    Great that she will be working in brazil again
  12. Candids

    Following ,unfollowing someone doesn't mean toxic.Nobody knows why she did it,that she had a good reason or was being childish about it.If she is that unhappy,she would break up like she did with the others.If people like believing pictures, rumors and social media then go ahead.She didn't make anything obvious other that they had a problem.People in relationships have problems ,nothing toxic about it.When you say her following unfollowing is not a big deal but now somehow it is because it's him.Apparently people can't tell when she makes jokes,she obviously was joking about the 7 feet boyfriends,she was laughing after she said it and she dated shorter boyfriends before metin anyway.To me she is with him,which means she still likes him.If she wasn't happy,she would break up,didn't stop her with all the others..Pictures and social media stuff doesn't mean anything in a relationship.She is human and can be pissed off on other issues then metin. Edit:people are laughing that she is dating someone way bellow her league.That is shallow in itself,regardless of how he is.And the daily mail is a garbage publication that has been sued multiple times and lost with made up stories,with garbage writers and people that comment based on appearences.
  13. Candids

    I never said i have figured it out based on how they look in pictures.I don't know or care really,i don't look at pictures or little video clips to figure out a relationship because they never tell the full story.You haven't seen the entire party or anything they are doing together since then.Not evreything is what it seems.You barely see paps pictures of her or any lately to even say if she is happy or not.He sure as hell doesn't go to parties often so i don't think that is where he is confortable.So if you give someone a second chance means it is toxic?no it isn't because nobody knows why they had an argument and i would bet he didn't dare to touch her,she would probably beat his skinny ass.She was glowing in berlin and geneve and that was after she spent time with him.Kids have school btw,they are never 24/7 with her even if she was single now.Any mother that dates has to deal with this and if she want's something stable,she needs to figure it out.If it was a celebrity you like was staying with her now ,you would not be saying that.Him being there means he want's this to work for whatever reason.And yes,living with someone is going to the next step,not unusual.I know he has a clinic which he owns in istanbull but it was shut down for a while,maybe he has more of them and he can just sit and live off that money for a while.What do you wan't him to do when they have a chef and he clearly isn't into parties?It's not like she is getting him cars and such.Her social media stuff has always been weird,only thing for certain is that she want's this to be private for now.My only fear is that she will invest in his crap because she said in that show about the whole bieber height thing that she would not mind doing something together with her other half and she was serious when she said it.If she isn't happy with him ,then she will break up if you are right,but they are together so clearly she is happy enough.He might be the nicest guy ever but i don't care about his line of work,would take a doctor that worked and studied his whole life and doesn't wan't the spotlight over him.I am done talking about this "healer".I follow Adriana,not him.If she is happy with him,good for her.
  14. Candids

    I don't need photos to know that.He is staying in a foreign country for almost a month just to please her for whatever reason.What he is selling won't work in the US or the west anyway because it is nothing new and most people view his kind as frauds because a lot of these good will "healers" were exposed so many times that people just don't believe in them anymore.Whatever plan he has won't work,or he will just be a leech.Only thing i have always said about her dating is that she should find someone from the same damn city she lives in.I saw and read enough of him so i fully don't care about him.If she is happy,good for her.I don't know the intimate details of their relationship so no point of me saying how they are based on some pictures.Maybe he is doing evreything possible for the relationship to work,maybe he really loves her,maybe he just sees an oportunity to snag a rich wife and get an american visa and be a leech,maybe all of the above.I never cared that much about her dating life and it's her buissness at the end of the day of what she want's from a man.Maybe she just want's a little slave to do her biding because he sure as hell ain't a alpha and considering her status compared to his,he would just be her little puppy because he will never have her money. Btw :maybe she doesn't feel like showing the same love in front of the cameras,which is understandable since she stoped sharing anything about him for a while
  15. Candids

    There were photos with joe at the beach and gym.You can find photos of evrey celebrity going to random non-VIP places,no big deal.Considering he has been there for almost a month,it's surprising these are the only ones tbh.I just wan't to see some new work out of her allready.