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  1. in that article ther are the pictures of her at the airport
  2. At the vs holiday shoot
  3. she said to that nurse that she will see her when she will visit antalya and in her IG post about those rumors, she said soon.If she said it at the turkey fashion show ,how could she know she would be in a relationship with this guy?
  4. probably the paps will be all over her in turkey,hopefully she will stay at places that actually has security
  5. could have gone alone with him during the helicopter ride and that was it.Don't know if her friends met him.He probably stayed at a hotel.
  6. She isn't desperate to prove anything.If people wouldn't have attacked her friend and called her a cheater she wouldn't have said anything.She obviously likes him a lot and shares a bit with him,nothing new from what other celebrities and normal people do.
  7. apparently he isn't with her in LA,probably because he came to see her while she was in the hamptons with her friends and didn't share anything about it untill recently.From the 12th after beautycon don't think she could have gone to NY and back to colorado because that would be a 14 hour flight time+airport time and she would have to meet him and go on a helicopter tour.
  8. she did say she was going to visit antalya soon.
  9. At LAX 8/14/17
  10. You don't know when she was supposed to be there filming so saying she was late because of him is just speculation.Alessandra was there late also and it is allready known they don't give them much work anyway.Elizabeth sulcer who worked on the commercial said that she had a lot to post with her and that was a day ago.She is free to date anyone,just like marko is free to date anyone.If any of her relationships are to last ,more time together will improve that.I just wish she would date someone from miami,would be a lot easier.That being said i still don't trust this ginger ghost.And nobody knows if she wen't back to NY after LA,that picture of her with him could have been when she was in the hamptons before going to LA
  11. i don't like the theme either.Cowgirls and lingerie,what's next,schoolgirls and lingerie?Hopefully it won't be cheap.She shot that new campaign in new york for vs so more stuff with her is fine by me.
  12. both adriana and alessandra were late so i guess less screen time for them
  13. I trust the stylist working for the commercial.Was,is,who cares as long as she is in it