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  1. General Discussion

    She hasn't followed VS for years,and somebody said she unfollowed ed before the fashion show.
  2. General Discussion

    If she is under contract with VS,she would not post this unless she isn't or referring to nude or something.You cannot just shade the company you work with without legal repercussions.She is most likely reffering to LOVE magazine since their callendar is coming out in videos.Way to many coincidences at once.I don't remember a year when she wasn't on a show promoting the VS show either.Something happened and it's not her boyfriend or it's a missunderstanding.
  3. General Discussion

    Evreything was perfect a week or so ago at the viewing party.This all happening when she is in NY at the same time with ed.And nobody knows why she wen't to NY.She was supposed to do a talk show with jasmine but what happened to that?.This is either a missunderstanding or something else then that BS story.She was never ungratefull to any company she worked for.Doubt she would start with VS just randomly.Also weird how she didn't do any interviews this year for the show http://headlineplanet.com/home/2017/11/17/jasmine-tookes-adriana-lima-scheduled-november-28-today-show/
  4. General Discussion

    I can't see her just saying goodbye to VS like this without a reason when 2 weeks ago she wanted to stay till her 20th.Doesn't make sense just randomly like this.Lais and lilly liked and she is more close to them then the other angels,i doubt lais would like this if she knew about her leaving VS.The other models probably think this is her saying no to LOVE magazine
  5. General Discussion

    she knew about her contract not ale.Ale has been hinting at this last year anyway in an interview when she said she doesn't wan't to stay untill 40 but only waiting for her time.My point is she would not do this to VS randomly out of the bloom.She is in NY,ed is also there with at a photoshoot.Something happened most likely.
  6. General Discussion

    This isn't about Ale.So what if she didn't know?Maybe Ale wanted to keep it a secret untill the show aired,VS would have wanted that to atract more hype.Pretty sure they would not say to each other when are their contracts expiring.She would not unfollow ed after all this years working for him.She was allways gratefull to him.Never ever threw shade at anyone in the industry,i doubt she would start with VS
  7. General Discussion

    She said it at the fashion show.I don't believe almost anything they say in promos for that show,like they are all sisters and shit.That is just BS for marketing.Her contract certainly expires at the same time as ale since they signed at the same time and are the same age and came into the brand at the same time.No model that left VS said it was because of a contract expiring or they didn't wan't to sign them again.And this happened while she is in NY,probably needs to resign with them and ed is also there.People can hate on VS or whatever but adriana and ale made their careers with VS.This is an misunderstanding or something happened with VS.
  8. General Discussion

    I know for a fact that she signed a contract extension 2 or 3 years ago at the exact same time with ale.It was a big story back then if they would resign.So ale's contract expired this year i think since she left,and Adriana's as well.It was during the winter when it happened.Something happened,either VS didn't wan't to pay her anymore and this how they save face since she allready said she wanted to stay untill her 20th show and VS would look really bad if they fired her or something.It is not like her to do this to ed out of the bloom for just a story she heard from a friend.Something definitely happened
  9. General Discussion

    She didn't delete vs related stuff from her feed.This is a big misunderstanding or something happened between her and VS.She is in NY and most of the angels wen't there 2 and were shooting something with ed there.Ed usually doesn't show up to any photoshoots ,usually the holiday ones.Maybe her contract expired and they don't wan't to resign her or something?
  10. General Discussion

    Well she would not have work otherwise now if it weren't for social media unfortunately.Back then you needed talent and looks.Now just height,weight and social media following.And she should have consulted with her agent about this stuff.
  11. General Discussion

    She still follows monica.Her following and unfollowing is weird and always has been.You could have said that she didn't like rihanna but that wasn't the case.She hasn't followed vs for a long time or never.I checked some time ago and she didn't follow back then
  12. General Discussion

    Whatever she meant,somebody needs to clear this up.It leaves too much for interpretation.She is so bad with social media,it is beyond me
  13. General Discussion

    It doesn't matter really why she did it.She is rich enough to do whatever.But because of her bad english it can be perceived as if she is throwing a lot of shade at VS and the fashion industry.Her paycheck comes from this.She could have done this in a better way.You don't do this to a company and an industry you worked in for 20+ years in this way.If she want's out there is a better way of doing this.Only explanation i have is : -VS pissed her off somehow or fired her or didn't renew her contract(unlikely) -she had a magic revelation -she just means nude Either way.She choose the dumbest way
  14. General Discussion

    She still follows monica mitro.Weird I wonder if she can just quit VS when she want's to.They do have a contract in the end.
  15. General Discussion

    Her english has improved but not by a lot.She still has a lot of grammar mistakes.She could have just meant nude in the end.She said i have done this in the past.Pretty sure it is not VS she is reffering too but the LOVE calendar videos coming out now.She would not do this to VS on purpose.VS would wan't a tribute for her in the fashion show since they love her a lot.