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  1. not sure if repost
  2. they would have said something if she is envolved long time in the show for more viewers but i think just a guest (to promote russels brand maybe),not a contestant.
  3. Gorgeous
  4. weird,jasmine deleted her hbday ig post about adriana
  5. can't tell if this is new
  6. np
  7. Adriana Ig stories adrianalima_19153235_288543064941827_4895216592255713280_n.mp4 adrianalima_19157657_1698602010154467_7462720614143361024_n.mp4 adrianalima_17526272_1890997027847001_6464127205856247808_n.mp4 adrianalima_19147694_624610524404714_9181360870083526656_n.mp4
  8. alessandra ig story
  9. so cute
  10. jourdan dunn and candice ig stories