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    adriana IG stories 15146456_972422042913569_2091397886284660736_n.mp4
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    Adriana IG stories
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    Adriana IG stories 20450666_1922470741412560_227514575266775040_n.mp4 21146157_124293334938971_5399630174406836224_n.mp4 17431871_685509618327022_8754083676502884352_n.mp4
  6. General Discussion

    I think she will open a segment,but not the show.There are chances of her opening the show,out of all the angels she was the most voted to open their store in China when she couldn't go and you better believe this show will be on chinese tv which probably has more viewers then Europe and USA combined.
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    Adriana IG stories
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    My money is on Cardi B or Drake.
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    finaly she is back
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    No problem,she isn't gaining much like she used to,but she is gaining from a couple of hundred to a couple of thousands daily.
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    she has been gaining followers,she still uses IG stories daily and that helps
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    think it's a separate concert from taylor swift and harry styles.i think since the shooting of the show,one week is really short for production,don't remember how long it took in the past from the shooting of the show till it airs on TV.