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I love her because...


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Ok guys. Some of you may know about my last competition, I am The Biggest Fan - I stopped it after the site collapse, and will never renew it - because, simply, it´s over :) And I´m too lazy to continue it, so I decided to start something new, and I hope you´ll like it and join :flower:

What is this about? First - you can vote for whoever you want, without giving any reason, and you can vote whenever you want, or not :) I won´t blame you for nothing except harashment or stupid comments (sorry for saying it like this ;) ) You can state whatever you want - just always make sure it´s your own opinion, not a general statement :) try not to offend, please :hug:

Now, rules are simple - this competition is about FANS. It´s quite similar to "Most famous bellazon babe" - so sorry if I offend someone, I don´t mean it - but it´s different too. Everyone has one or more girls that he/she is fan of. You tell me and suggest the names, choose how many you want, but read this carefully:

If you suggest a name, please, write why you love this woman so much. She can be a model, singer, actres...etc, it doesn´t matter. Write how much you want, the more, the merier. Post pictures, videos, gifs, if you want, if not, don´t worry :) Give as many reasons as possible, it will be important later. If you especially like something about her (her editorial, her walk, etc) - feel free to post it :hug:

When there are no more suggestion, I will start the competition - and now, finally, the rules :D

1. Two girls against each other, in rounds

with every girl, I will write what her fans (you) had said about her when suggesting - all the reasons why you love her, and also some quotes about them, if I find some, from famous people, or their friends :)

2. If you´re a fan, vote for that girl you love the most

3. If you´re not a fan either of them, read the descriptions, and please, this is important, vote for the one you find more loveable, from what you´ve read. If there´s only one simple thing you like, tell it :)

4. You can divide 5 votes between those two, as you like :)

So, I think that´s all for now, if you have any suggestions, feel free to tell me, I´ll be glad :hug:

The last thing - the winner of this competition woun´t be the one most talented, most beautiful, most professional, or most popular - she will be something like "The Ultimate Loved Babe" :laugh: someone we all will admit "there´s something about her" :D I´m very curious how this will end :D

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I give you my list and after I will send you pics, vids and description!

models: Laetitia Casta, Rianne Ten Haken, Julie Ordon,Polina Kouklina,Michaela Hlavackova,Claudia Schiffer,Ruslana Korshunova,Estelle Lefebure,Louise Pedersen,Zoe Duchesne

Actresses: Sophie Marceau, Brigitte bardot, Romy Schneider

Singers: Vanessa Paradis, Françoise Hardy

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Petra Nemcova - she is strong, independent, sweet and sexy. I love this hard-working model because of her sweet personality, beautiful smile and strong will!




Veronika Varekova - sexy, beautiful and clever SI model with crazy personality. Her face is gorgeous and her body is so sexy! She is my idol because she is perfect!

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isabeli fontana bacause she is first of all a lovely young lovely mum, then she is one of the tops with sexy body and perfect runways. she has a sweet and so cute smile but she can be fierce in her work. she is special in every field..

then i nominate bianca balti, because she has a great succes like model even if it's rare to be italian and a world-wide model.. she is a lovely young mum like isabeli and loves the family. she is sexy and has piercing blue eyes..

i can post you the pics later

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Sasha Pivovarova - When I first saw her, I thought she was really ugly and scary -- but then I looked more into her pictures, and started to like her unique look. People say she's the 'scary version of Gemma' but she's not, she's totally different. I love Sasha ecause she's not just another pretty face, she has amazing art talent. She draws amazingly, Her paintings are so good, that they were actually shown at a gallery in Paris. French Vogue also published some of Sasha's works. She's smart too, she was in uni when she was discovered, studying art. She's so bright and cheerful, and in interviews, she is so intelligent.. she doesn't just say 'sexy clothes.. sexy show..'.

She's very versatile, she can do sweet, sexy, scary.. etc which is important in the fashion world. Her editorials are magical and breathtaking. You can see in the pictures, that she's actually feeling the picture, she's not like 'yeah yeah pose, shoot, smile'. She has an amazing personality, and is always willing to help out in some way. Her runway walk and her stare makes her unique, and, she has a husband, and he says that they're best friends and that she's a lovely wife.

Also, she's so gorgeous! She has the most amazing face structure and cheekbones, and her eyes are so blue and fierce! Sasha knows how lucky she is to be a model, she doesn't take it for granted. She says that she has visited many places that she has never dreamed to visit!

That's all. :)

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