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Lonnnng Post. Sorry so scattered. i tried my best, wanted to show support for my new obsession. His accent is so hypnotizing :drool:

ENJOY!!! :wave:

Page Six Magazine, Lucky Girls!!

post-17001-1220149223_thumb.jpg post-17001-1220149265_thumb.jpg

post-17001-1220149304_thumb.jpg post-17001-1220149327_thumb.jpg

post-17001-1220149346_thumb.jpg post-17001-1220149364_thumb.jpg

Ryan Pfluger

post-17001-1220149536_thumb.jpg post-17001-1220149546_thumb.jpg

Kenneth Cappello - Out Magazine

post-17001-1220149865_thumb.jpg post-17001-1220149871_thumb.jpg

post-17001-1220149879_thumb.jpg post-17001-1220149885_thumb.jpg

Daniel Jälmbratt - Sweden

post-17001-1220150115_thumb.jpg post-17001-1220150147_thumb.jpg

post-17001-1220150163_thumb.jpg post-17001-1220150184_thumb.jpg

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Leighton Meester, Jessica Szohr Gossip Girl Cast at CW Upfront Access Hollywood video

31 MB = 5:27

Chace Crawford, Penn Badgley, Taylor Momsen, Ed Westwick


Blake Lively, Leighton Meester Gossip Girl stars arrive at Teen Choise awards Access Hollywood video

24 MB = 4:20

Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick, Penn Badgley


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he's so funny when he says the line "I'm Chuck Bass" and has that certain look LOL!!!!!!!

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