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Dirty Little Secrets - WARNING - click at your own discretion

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phenobarbie    0

This thread may contain nudity and/or sexually explicit content. Click at your own risk.

This isn't about who your favorite model is, this isn't about who's mainstream or who's in the headlines. Some of us are just tired of the cutsy over the top, over done editorials/advertisements. I don't know I find the skanky stuff a great deal more eye catching, more thought provoking and a lot more appealing. To be perfectly honest I'd rather go buy something that I found 'hot' so to speak then something I found cute or over the top couture. Nakedness is a good thing people just ask the Brazilians or the French; they hit the IWin button a long time ago.

What pops to mind when you think of the phrases "skantily clad - Sex Appeal". Are there any models that jump to focus, any advertisements that stand out, any Editorials that just pop to mind. Well I know that I have a few things that come to mind and this competition is paying homage to all things skank, to all things sex. This is the dirty little secret that the world can see.

There are Five categories.

Category 1: Sexiest/skankiest/nudiest solo picture, (just the model with no distractions)

Category 2: Sexiest/skankiest Advertisement

Category 3: Sexiest/skankiest Editorial

Category 4: Sexiest/skankiest Cover

Cateogry 5: Sexiest/skankiest Commercial/video

For each category there will be 32 nominations. Please submit a minimum of 4 pictures for each category except number 1 we only want singles for that one and category 5 well if you send a picture you're kind of a nub. Each person can nominate up to 3 different people per category or 3 different videos for category 5.

When voting you'll be able to allocate up to 5 points between each nominee. You can delegate as many of those points or as few of those points as you want. At the very end we'll see who captures and embodies the dirty little secrets we all fantasize about; what represents sex appeal to us.

Sexiest/skankiest/nudiest solo picture, (just the model with no distractions)

1. Josie Maran [DONE]

2. Gemma Ward [DONE]

3. Laetitia Casta [DONE]

4. Rianne Ten Haken [DONE]

5. Adriana Lima [DONE]

6. Gisele Budchen [DONE]

7. Isabeli Fontana [DONE]

8. Anja Rubik [DONE]

9. Jeisa Chiminazzo [DONE]

10. Fabiana Semprebom [DONE]

11. Ana Claudia Michels [DONE]

12. Ana Beatriz Barros [DONE]

13. Julia Stegner [DONE]

14. Sophie Dahl [DONE]

15. Julie Ordon - DONE

16. Susan Eldridge [DONE]

Sexiest/skankiest Advertisement

1. Nicole Trunfio [DONE]

2. Josie Maran [DONE]

3. Ana Beatriz Barros [DONE]

4. Jessica Stam [DONE]

5. Daniela Freitas [DONE]

6. Barbara Herrera [DONE pending one pic that needs to be resent]

7. Tonia Molyavko [DONE]

8. Laetitia Casta [DONE]

9. Rianne Ten Haken [DONE]

10. Jeisa Chiminazzo [DONE]

11. Julia Stegner [DONE]

12. Judith Bedard [DONE]

Sexiest/skankiest Editorial

1. Susan Eldridge [DONE]

2. Josie Maran [DONE]

3. Julie Ordon [DONE]

4. Isabeli Fontana [DONE]

5. Adriana Lima [DONE]

6. Reka Ebergenyi [DONE]

7. Lily Cole [DONE]

8. Rianne Ten Haken [DONE]

9. Laetitia Casta [DONE]

10. Gemma Ward [DONE]

11. Nadja Auermann [DONE]

12. Carmen Kass [DONE]

13. Fabiana Seprebom [DONE]

14. Ana Claudia Michels [DONE]

15. Julia Stegner [DONE]

16. Ana Beatriz Barros [DONE]

Sexiest/skankiest Cover

1. Josie Maran [DONE]

2. Nadja Auermann [DONE]

3. Laetitia Casta [DONE]]

4. Reka Ebergenyi [DONE]

5. Erin Wasson [DONE]

6. Alessandra Ambrosio [DONE]

7. Rianne Ten Haken [DONE]

8. Julia Stegner [DONE]

9. Julie Ordon [DONE]

10. Isabeli Fontana [DONE]

11. Gemma Ward [DONE]

12. Dita Von Teese [DONE]

Sexiest/skankiest Commercial/Video

1. Angels in Venice [sAVED]

2. P.Diddy [sAVED]

3. Written in Blood [sAVED]

4. What is Sexy 2001 [sAVED]

5. From Dusk till Dawn/Salma [sAVED]

6. Lux [sAVED]

7. Passionata [sAVED]

8. Lolita [sAVED]

9. Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing [sAVED]

10. Chanel [sAVED]

11. The Confession [sAVED]

12. 9� Weeks [sAVED]

13. Buffalo Bill [sAVED]

14. Heart Shape Glasses [sAVED]

15. Justify my Love [sAVED]

16. Saint [sAVED]

Due to the fact that some of these videos for the competition are taken down on a regular basis we're going to close submissions now and just start up the competition. Advertisements and covers only have 12 submissions so instead of putting it between 5 votes those people will be able to put it between 7 votes as each grouping will be 3 models against each other. The rest of the categories will continue as normal.

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Thank you for a great concept, I will be checking in here from time to time....heck who am I kidding, lots of times! Just to take a professional interest at the proceedings......hell no to gape at a model's bits best hidden.

As you can see I am in two minds here GOOD RJ + EVIL RJ and they are going to have a great time of it!


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lisa-1    0

Laetitia Casta for the picture alone

Rianne ten haken for the picture alone

Julie Ordon for the picture alone

Laetitia Casta for advertissement

Rianne Ten Haken for advertissement

Rianne ten haken for Editorial

Laetitia Casta for editorial

Julie Ordon for the clip Chanel

Rianne tne hakn for Cover

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