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Kate Dillon


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I just wanted to share a couple of pictures that I found on Corbis. I think the model is a young Kate Dillon. Apparently this Plus-size model started out quite thin and was supposed to be the new Cindy Crawford in the early 90s. Here she is now:

post-18834-0-1446070007-04871_thumb.jpg post-18834-0-1446070007-71954_thumb.jpg

and here are the Pictures from a Givenchy show in 1994post-18834-0-1446070007-83062_thumb.jpgpost-18834-0-1446070007-86516_thumb.jpg

What do you think?

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first off, kudos to starting a plus model thread, ive been toying with the idea of a crystal renn thread but dread the negative feedback that will inevitably occur

second off... the pics of her in thinner dayas are actually tricia helfer

its hard to find thin kate pics, since her plus sized career has been so prolific.. but i have these 2

what do i think? i loved kate when she was thin... her face was/is gorgeous

and shes a redhead, always a plus for me, and i adore heras a plus sized

girl, shes healthy, confident and is happy, now that she doesnt have to

starve herself as she had to do in her 'straight size' days. ive got lots of plus sized kate pics... so ill be overjoyed to

post them here.and did i mention that you rock? first off marie sophie wilson and now kate dillon??

Verrryyyy cool :)

these pics came from i think mademoiselle

10xhgrk.jpg 2mxhlk0.jpg
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Had to join this forum :wave: just so I could post on this thread...

...cos Kate is one of the most compassionate & inspirational women on the entire planet!

Have you guys seen the recent VisitCalifornia ad campaign on TV? Mebbe it's just us lucky people in the UK who've seen it. I'm 99% certain that Kate is the one who speaks the line, "It's a dirty job," whilst receiving a mud treatment. She's on-screen for a blink, very un-made-up, lotsa freckles, blissfully cute.

Meanwhile... check out Vogue's latest UK edition, March 2008, page 146 (or Good Housekeeping UK, March '08, p.31) to see Kate's brand new full-page Marina Rinaldi advert. One of the sultriest Kate pics ever -- legs crossed, hair mussed, and midway between there's a strategically-placed gold pendant that leads the eye to a place where no man is supposed to stare! :blush:

(Sorry no scans with this post, cos I haven't the equipment -- hope you gals & guy are able to source your own copies...)

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i found a great edit from the early 90's elle mag-u.s.

these are from her thin days, but i wanted people

who might not know her history to see that

before she got fed up with managers and others pressuriing her

to lose wieght and told them to suck it,

she was a real up and comer, she worked with girls like

manon von gerkhan, valeria mazza and brandi quinones, and tricia helfer

all well loved girls form the time.












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