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hey everyone. just thought i'd pop in and say hi and make myself known lol. my name is bobby. and i always used this site for pictures and various other resources... so i thought that it was about time that i joined the community. so yay.

A little about me i guess: I'm 19. I lived in northern california from birth until i graduated high school. Then I moved to new york and i am now attending NYU as a film production major. so thats the basics i guess. if anyone had any other questions feel free to ask... hope to get to know you all soon.

- bobby

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hmmm... well, i just recently (like a few months ago) started to become a fan of specific models, knowing them by name. at the moment i'd have to say that my favorite is Darla Baker. other favorites include cintia dicker, jessica stam, caroline trentini, gemma ward, elyse taylor, morgane dubled, susan eldridge, megan ewing, doutzen kroes, and fabiana tambosi.

there are so many forums on here that i'm looking forward to some new discoveries :]


and i might be able to... you could try me if you had questions. yup.

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