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Day In The Bank


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This thread is dedicated to the women who are usually drop dead gorgeous but have decided to "put a day in the bank". Unfortunately... some people don't care and take pictures of them anyway. Why stay bitter about it though? Let's have a little fun here.


I dare you to guess who the following are...



a. Jenny McCarthy

b. Alicia Silverstone

c. Cameron Diaz

d. Mag Ryan

e. Britney Spears

2. 4407601stdkn9.jpg

a. Madonna

b. Bette Midler

c. Goldie Payne

d. Goldie Hawn

e. Bette Davis

3. 4407645stdwr1.jpg

a. Kate Moss

b. Heidi Klum

c. Kate Hudson

d. Jodie Foster

e. Christina Ricci

4. 4407679stddx8.jpg

a. Shannon Doherty

b. Salma Hayek

c. Catherine Zeta-Jones

d. No one famous.I'v tried to trick you

e. Jennifer Lopez

5. 4407709stdey0.jpg

a. Kameron Diaz

b. Judy Forster

c. Rene Russo

d. Annette Bening

e. Julianne Moore

6. 4407735stdbd6.jpg

a. Liv Tyler

b. Alicia Silverstone

c. Katie Holmes

d. Jennifer Love Hewitt

e. Sarah Michelle Gellar

7. 4407759stdog1.jpg

a. Kate Hudson

b. Kirsten Dunst

c. Cameron Diaz

d. Reese Witherspoon

e. Demi Moore

8. 4407790stdic7.jpg

a. Glenn Close

b. Sarah Jessica Parker

c. Madonna

d. Nicole Kidman

e. Anna Nicole Smith

9. 4407811stdsw7.jpg

a. Pamela Anderson

b. Goldie Hawn

c. Anna Nicole Smith

d. Carmen Electra

e. Gena Lee Nolin

10. 4407842stdtk6.jpg

a. Demi Moore

b. Sigourney Weaver

c. Nicole Kidman

d. Sarah Jessica Parker

e. Elizabeth Hurley

11. 4407875stdcx8.jpg

a. Kirsten Dunst

b. Madonna

c. Melanie C

d. Geri Halliwell

e. Jennifer Aniston


1. b, 2. d, 3. b, 4. e, 5. e, 6. c, 7. b, 8. d, 9. a, 10. d, 11. b

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