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Taken from a post on Oh No They Didn't on livejournal.

Hilary Duff played a concert in Richmond (where I live) last night and one of my good friends happened to be getting a mani/pedi at the same spa Hilary got hers done before the concert. She immediately sent me a text message saying "just saw Hilary Duff...two words: a mess"

Highlights of what she told me over lunch this afternoon:

1. While HD was getting a pedicure she was in the back of the spa so you couldn't really see her when you walked in. Another customer was talking to the spa owner saying "yeah, i have to take my daughter to some damn concert tonight...Hilary something or another...she'll probably be the only black person there." Hilary burst out laughing.

2. According to the pedicurist, who did my friend's toes after Hilary, her feet were a MESS. When Hilary got there, she apologized and said "a few days ago I was running really late, so I just drew black marker on my toes instead of nail polish."

3. My friend didn't even recognize her at first, and said that she was skin and bones when she stood up. She said she looks 20 lbs thinner than she does on camera.

4. Another customer wanted to take a picture, but Hilary politely declined (i would too if i was getting my nails done).

5. She said Hilary was nice enough (they talked for a minute) but she had a friend with her who was a huge bitch and was acting like SHE was somebody famous. Why is it that the celebrities are always the nice ones and their leechy friends are bitches?

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3. My friend didn't even recognize her at first, and said that she was skin and bones when she stood up. She said she looks 20 lbs thinner than she does on camera.


argh, god why :( she's gorgeous, she shouldn't waste her beauty

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I Love Hilary She's so so gorgeous and sweet and all that!

I Always loved her and always been her fan:) She's awesome!

I Like her 10 better than Lindsay Lohan.

And about thats picture with the implants thats so not her lmao..U can just tell.Its some1 else..They just put her face.



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I don't get it. Her teeth always looked as straight and white as they could be, why the veneers? And about the entire anorexic thing, I'm getting fed up with it. First they're talking about her bein' too chubby, like in this pic:


Now that she lost weight she's suddenly anorexic. Thin people aren't automatically anorexic. Though I agree that she's lost a lot, she's a big celeb and really aware that she stands an example to a lot of kids. I don't think she'll be so dumb to become anorexic. (Or atleast: I hope not)

[EDIT]Okay, this pic kinda scared me


She should really quit losing weight now. She should follow Jessica Alba's example, who was too thin, but instead of really becoming all skin and bones, she's gained some and toned up very nicely. She's got curves, but almost no fat.

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