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Ellen VonUnwerth x2

So, obviously, I love those pics


Its very easy for me to tell which

is Ellen's work mostly on just Adriana's pictures.


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Finished scanning the GUESS? 2000 Fall Journal! :flower: The first part was photographed by Pablo Alfaro, the second by Ellen von Unwerth - some photos I swear I've never seen before. For anyone interested, the full set of 70 scans from this catalog is online here.

d6af5b4292110.gif 8609d94292109.gif d9ce044292106.gif 6f0f5f4292102.gif 66386b4292093.gif 23e8154292090.gif 91a7c24292081.gif da2e154292075.gif 1625474292071.gif 2304f04292067.gif 7bc5204292047.gif

a028c04292041.gif 9696b74292040.gif 038bba4292039.gif 9d48374292038.gif 6e307e4292035.gif efb6554292033.gif fadbf34292032.gif

Scans by me, all are a minimum of 1700 pixels in size. Feel free to use or repost anywhere, just please don't remove the tag! :)

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I'm so happy you scanned the ones that I told you about ( the never before seen well in this case posted online ones) All of these pictures are in the walls of the Guess Store that I go to! :)

Thank-You for the scans again!


Btw, the first scan is NOT Adriana Lima. :) Well atleast I don't think it is

Zoom up to the picture - Look at the eye color, the teeth, the cheeks, lips,

and Adri's eyebrows have never been so thin, that looks a lot like Megan Ewing

Edit : Turns out in my investigating it is Adriana I think they photoshopped her picture a lot

because she has 2 pictures with the same everything and it def is Adri


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