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Toni Garrn


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On 29/10/2016 at 5:07 PM, masha122 said:

@sore its this pic from hailey's snapshat that all for chandler's friends liked it has his initials on it plus i remember there was a pic of him showing it once in his insta story, i really didnt see this coming and it look like he cheated on her what a jerk, im just sorry toni seemed so happy with him 

toni is beard, hailey


chandler, hailey are desperate looking for fame, but he is not michael jordan and she's not kate moss


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3 minutes ago, elfstone said:

TBH its kinda insulting for Toni. Lest we forget, things ended the same manner between her and Dicaprio :ninja:

2 years ago around this time she failed the VSFS casting and she had a horrendous break up and now time is almost repeating itself thank goodness Chandler is not that famous plus its his loss Toni deserve so much better 

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6 minutes ago, elfstone said:

 Its so  insulting for Toni. Didnt it  end the same manner between her and Dicaprio? :ninja:


To be honest, if you're dating Leo and you're expecting anything serious out of that relationship you only have yourself to blame.


I watch basketball and Parsons has always looked a bit like a tool and a "player". Maybe Toni just falls for that type, I don't know, but he seems like a guy not ready to settle down anytime soon. Some of those ballers really love rockstar lifestyle that is playing in the NBA.


She can do a lot better.

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