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  1. Toni Garrn

    Taft by Schwarzkopf "Style Time" Campaign 2018 henkel.de
  2. Toni Garrn

    Yeah, that's what I meant. This Nadine Bauer woman also belongs to Morbach's agency. Btw, looks like Toni is getting a tattoo!? Or maybe she's just playing around, I don't like tattoos, so I hope it's the latter.
  3. Toni Garrn

    ^glad to see she's in an actual commercial as well, thanks for posting @kissnena I do believe they shot the whole commercial in Cape Town, but she's a brand ambassador now, so she's probably going to be working for them for at least the whole year of 2018, and there must be more than one commercial then? I was thinking something similar to what she shot with Morbach last year in Hamburg, if I remember correctly the shoot also didn't seem like a very long one.
  4. Toni Garrn

    So do we think what she was working on today and the other day of work (when she posted something like "finished work early today" on her insta stories) were for Taft? At least Nadine Bauer seems to be working for them as well, no idea about the other shoot or if it even was a shoot at all.
  5. Toni Garrn

    For Schwarzkopf
  6. Toni Garrn

    Boss Menswear Fall 2018 New York
  7. Toni Garrn

    Clé de Peau Spring 2018 models
  8. Toni Garrn

    Great finds, thanks @kissnena
  9. Toni Garrn

    Any guesses what she could be shooting in Cape Town? Some sort of fashion film / commercial?
  10. Toni Garrn

    Joe Fresh S/S 18
  11. Toni Garrn

    looks good! I hate when she's in LA and all quiet for days.
  12. Toni Garrn

    @kissnena Yes, I think the shoot with Ben Skervin in LA was for Next. They were clearly shooting something on the streets, and the outdoor shots for Next look as if they could have been shot in LA. Also, Cynthia Sobek has been working for Next. I personally believe the second shoot in LA with her was also for Next, Summer 2018 (they usually do 4 collections instead of 2 like Peter Hahn).
  13. Toni Garrn

    I hope for Vogue as well, but given the kind of work she has booked recently, it could as well be L'Officiel or Harper's Bazaar Spain or something...