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  1. It's funny how much swimwear she's been doing lately. After years of basically no swimwear or lingerie at all. Finally a new job. At least something before she flies to Africa.
  2. some of the girls tagged (Elsa for example) are not in the Bahamas according to their insa stories. Hope she's indeed there. (To be honest, I've never heard of that brand, but the cast sounds stunning if it is true.)
  3. I know right. Happy about Lancel, but can she finally go back to being a model again?
  4. Vero Moda Summer 2017 fb/veromoda; insta/veromoda, insta/veromoda_freiburg
  5. uh..she looks like she accidentally stumbled into the launch and decided to stay. Not a fan of the hair either.
  6. I love both covers!
  7. I'm a bit torn on the shoot, I love the cover and some of the other shots, but some angles are just very weird and make her look huge (they would make everybody look huge). The third to last pic for example, her legs take up half of the space. @ToniGarrnMania She posted in her IG stories that she was going through old audition videos. Makes me almost certain that she's in LA to pursue her acting (together with the scripts that @kissnena posted). Also, she'll be going to Coachella next weekend. I was beginning to feel okay with the fact that she is in LA seemingly doing nothing, since I thought when she's not going to Coachella she's gotta be doing something. But now we have another 'boring' few days ahead of us in terms of shoots, event pics etc. I hope we'll get some cool Coachella shots at least. I hate when she's so silent.
  8. More Maison Siran S/S 17 Lookbook fb/Maisonsiran 1) Secret project with Russell James (maybe for his book) WILL IT EVER COME OUT LOL 2) Probably a shoot when she flew back to NYC for 20 hours during PFW (I don't know, maybe not a shoot after all?) 3) Shoot in Hamburg before Christmas wearing a Prada swimsuit 4) Peter Hahn 5) Second shoot in LA (assuming it were two since they seem to have been a couple days apart) 6) J.Crew in Hawaii 7) Joe Fresh with Arlenis in NYC 8) Shoot in Berlin wearing Galvan London 9) Shoot in Paris with Carine 10) Probably Vogue Portugal in NYC Hate when the list is so short.
  9. J.Crew May 2017 Style Guide pinterest/jcrew
  10. thanks! here you go, not huge, but at least we can get a sneak peak: Also, do y'all think she might be in LA for her acting career that much? Maybe she's doing auditions or something and doesn't want to tell everybody?
  11. So she's still not at Coachella, even though Mo Al Turki and Gabriella Moussaieff are there? Is she going at all? (It would at least mean pics)
  12. A number of notable New Yorkers in the fashion and TV worlds have joined with Gotham Cares to raise funds for the Syrian humanitarian crisis, on May 8 at Cipriani 25. “The recent events of the past few days in Syria have only made the need for this event more apparent,” designer Timo Weiland told Page Six of the event. “Orange Is the New Black” star Jackie Cruz further said of the event that will support Médecins Sans Frontières and the International Rescue Committee, “We must come together as one, as humankind, to help put an end to the suffering.” We hear that Victoria’s Secret models Georgia Fowler and Toni Garrn as well as “Gossip Girl” star Kelly Rutherford are expected. I'm very confused about her plans at the moment. I thought she was going to be in Africa or at least not in NYC on May 8. And I sure wouldn't mind a shoot once in a while. The last time she shot something (that we know of) was in Paris a month ago.
  13. Hm, in this specific pic it doesn't look like her to me, but we already more or less determined that she's indeed in the second pic. Also, I guess the reason why her page is updated now is that she has a new agency, I'd suppose they know best?
  14. She's back in LA. I just realized that Coachella starts on April 14, so chances are she will be going? I hope she squeezes a shoot or two in while being there, I really want her to book something awesome. @kissnena I totally forgot about Cannes, but she could go to Africa from the beginning of May and then still attend a couple of events in Cannes, the festival ends on May 28th. Also...I don't know, just a wild guess, but does anybody else think she might be dating someone in LA? She spent quite a long time there before she went to Hawai and then came back for the Oscars. We haven't seen much of what she did during that time, and usually that's a sign for a man in her life. (If so, then I hope it's not a douche for a change.) Edit: @kissnena Thanks for posting! Great interview, Toni seems unusually timid.
  15. looks like she's back in ny again, but didn't she say she was leaving for longer the other day? I'm always curious about how her organisation etc. works, maybe something got cancelled or something more important came up?