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  1.,tonigarrn176.html that's what Nina already linked above. But it has a bit more info here, she'll not only be there, but also award a price to the best radio host.
  2. Paris Match August 17, 2017 by Fred Meylan models
  3. I like the pics! Nothing new in the article. She says she doesn't have time for a boyfriend and that she had a hard time working on the accent playing Reeva Steenkamp. Also, for whatever reason the article says she's BFF with Miranda Kerr, lol.
  4. I hope "see you soon" means something work related. One can dream, right? (Although I don't particularly like the brand, but it's been a while since she's worked for a really well known brand apart from fragrance ads.)
  5. which IG are the last two pics from @kissnena? I'm wondering if there's any model NOT in Mykonos right now.
  6. if you're referring to Abel Daniel, he's clearly gay. Otherwise, not that we know of. I don't know who the guy in the candids from Mykonos is, but it doesn't look like a boyfriend to me.
  7. More Joe Fresh Fall 2017 joefresh
  8. She says she's looking forward to getting on Nik's nerves a lot soon. Wonder what this means, is she going to be based in Germany for longer? (Or maybe it's just a vacation or something.) Also, the VS casting is coming up next week, sooner than usual. What are everybody's thoughts on it? Do you think she'll try again? Do you think she should? I personally think she's way above VS level at this point and they rejected her so often now that I wouldn't bother anymore if I were her.
  9. Joe Fresh Fall 2017
  10. wow, so they are shooting it now? I'm a bit confused. As I said before, I'd personally prefer modeling for her, but it seems to be what she really enjoys and I'm happy her work seems to pay off. Excited to find out what kind of role she has and how many shooting days they planned for her. (So that means no Greece at all?) Mickey Rourke sounds like a real sweetheart and I'm excited he thinks Toni is talented. He seems to be a real fan!
  11. wow, sounds good! I thoroughly hate Till Schweiger, but he's (for whatever reason...) one of the most successful people in German film, so good for her. (But LOL at Mickey Rourke's comment on the script, I hope he realizes that ALL of Schweiger's scripts sound like they were written by a 6th grader.) Also, the cast sounds really great, although from what you posted it wasn't clear to me if they are all in the Berlin section, it sounded more like they are in the general series, but not in the Berlin part.
  12. She was in Greece yesterday and I thought it was for her summer vacation and at least for 2 weeks. But now she just posted she's in Amsterdam at the airport (looks like a layover), so I guess she's flying to a shoot? Hope it's something cool if she's flying there last minute from her vacation.
  13. Joe Fresh Fall 2017 Preview
  14. 1) Russel James book probably; 2) Joe Fresh with Arlenis in NYC 3) Shoot for Vogue Portugal in Hamptons 4) Solid & Striped ads 5) Tush Magazine ph - Armin Morbach 6) Film "Edge of the Blade" in Atlanta 7) Probably ads for Clé de Peau Beauté in NYC, ph - Max Papendieck and hairsyle by Neil Moodie 8) Shooting in Paris 10 july 9) Shooting in Paris 11 july, ph - Fred Meylan 10) Shooting for her Supermodel Flea Market 11) Shooting in Palm Springs for Numéro Homme Berlin with Udo Kier. 12) Peter Hahn 13) Second Shoot for her Flea Market in London 14) Shoot in Paris Jul 23 (Make up by Peter Philips, head of Dior make up)
  15. @kissnena is going to be furious, but this could very much be about her, Alexander and Leo. Maybe they just hopped on the bandwagon, however, curious to see if there's going to be any sort of date / meeting / picture together in the next couple weeks or months.