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  1. From her facebook...and most comments there are basically saying what I said above. And this page only makes it worse for me.
  2. That's true, but for the wrong clientele. It's distributed to most (or every?) German household for free, and most people (at least most people I know) don't want to have it and are very bothered by the fact that they receive it without being asked wether or not they want it. For their 60th birthday, they did the same but announced it before, so a lot of houses had letters on their front doors explicitly saying that they absolutely don't want it. This time around they learned their "lesson" and didn't even announce it beforehand, which is even more annoying. So, yes, a lot of people will see her, but not for the right reasons.
  3. I really wish I had been wrong on this one. They must have paid a LOT, that's my only explanation why she agreed to shoot for them. The pic isn't really great either. @kissnena
  4. whaaaat? oh wow. it's waaaay too many pictures to back up... What am I going to use to upload then? I'm quite upset. In other news, quite sure the Stern thing was what she shot in Berlin in Galvan London. Not that Galvan is the number one campaign to get, but at least it would have been more images.
  5. thanks for posting, how do you always find these things! So if she's indeed playing Reeva and they don't focus on the aftermath of the murder, it's quite a big role. (Although we don't know how big a production it is.) I still don't like the fact that it's the Pistorius story they are shooting...things like this can go very wrong very quickly imo, so I just hope they know what they are doing.
  6. ugh, I can't deal with a month of (supposedly) almost no news. :-/ did anybody recognize the director or found out his last name?
  7. So she's on a film set in Atlanta with 35 shooting days. That's quite a lot. Curious to find out what film it is. What does everybody else think about her acting ambitions? Do you think she stands a chance of having an actual acting career? Did you like her acting so far? I'm still not really sure tbh.
  8. Ugh, I'm not really a fan of the idea of a script about Reeva Steenkamp. The whole story has gone through every single newspaper and I think it takes a lot of talent to come up with a good script about it. One that's not cheesy, I mean. But I don't know the woman she's working with here, maybe she's great. (But from the insta stories it seems very much like a method acting approach that I always find a bit problematic. Let's see.)
  9. Btw she's been wearing Galvan London so much that I increasingly believe what she shot in Berlin is their F/W campaign.
  10. German Media Award 2016 dailymail, zimbio
  11. ... dailmail
  12. DeGrisogono 'Love on the Rocks' Party at the 70th Annual Cannes Film Festival zimbio She looks stunning.
  13. I got suspicious because Bild is also tagged in Sheridan Ward's last post. But yeah, not very likely.
  14. OMG why do they keep mentioning Bild? I hope they didn't "shoot" for them, it's the equivalent to UK's Sun or DailyMail, I really hope she didn't give them an Interview or something.
  15. You can hear Eva asking "But you're stressed out about it?" in the first video. I can't understand the rest they're saying and I don't know what they are referring to, but first impulse would of course be the paps.